Virtual Cable launches a new partner program that provides recurring income for its business partners

por | Feb 14, 2023

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Virtual Desktop solutions are an upward trend in the ICT channel due to the boom in demand from clients.

The growing interest in Virtual Desktop (VDI) solutions by the ICT channel is evident. More and more companies are looking to integrate and market these solutions due to the good results they offer to end customers in remote and hybrid working. The adoption of VDI is increasing, and the forecasts are excellent thanks to the cost savings it provides, as well as the boost it gives to sustainability and security. Furthermore, the ability of desktop virtualization to provide a 24/7 accessible workplace from anywhere and any device makes it the ideal technology for an increasingly online and mobile workforce.

Benefits of partnering with Virtual Cable in the commercialization of VDI solutions

The proliferation of agreements between VDI developers and distributors is perfectly understandable when the benefits obtained by all parties involved are analyzed. In addition to selling VDI solutions and associated services, the partners can also market the rest of the hardware and software components necessary to set up a workplace virtualization platform. Furthermore, customers benefit from leaving their IT management in the hands of qualified, certified, and trusted professionals, allowing them to focus on their business and leverage the advantages of VDI solutions.
Some VDI manufacturers, such as Virtual Cable, have placed the partner at the center of their business strategy. The partner is the crucial figure for the commercialization of the UDS Enterprise solutions and the wide range of associated services, such as the platform’s design, customization, maintenance, updates, or 24×7 support.

The importance of partners in the commercialization of VDI solutions

Virtual Cable has many partners working on hundreds of projects and various countries. This wide variety gives customers the freedom to choose who to trust and how to implement their VDI solution. For example, Virtual Cable’s UDS DaaS Partners are ISPs or integrators with a private cloud that offer a fully managed VDI service, pay-per-use without needing their own infrastructure. On the other hand, Virtual Cable works with partners who can implement the solution on-premise, in any cloud (public or private), or in a hybrid cloud, which allows clients to build a mixed infrastructure, including automatic and smart cloud overflows.

Regarding the company’s relationship with its partners, Yolanda González, Virtual Cable Sales Manager, comments: «We fully trust our partners, and that is why we carry out all our business through them. We offer different, open, personalized workplace virtualization solutions for each sector, which are compatible with any third-party technology. Our records show an increased demand from companies interested in incorporating UDS Enterprise into their portfolio. To foster and strengthen our relationships with our partners, this 2023, we have launched a revamped program that provides them with even more benefits and sales opportunities. This program is a great help to boost their business and further strengthen our relationship.»

Among the advantages of being a Virtual Cable partner, Yolanda also highlights that its customer retention rate is 99%, a clear indicator of the success of her business model. «Our solutions are marketed through annual subscriptions. For our partners, this means a guaranteed recurring income without the need to dedicate a lot of resources.»

For more information about the new Virtual Cable partner program, contact our sales team at [email protected]

You can request a trial version of our VDI solutions at this link.


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