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Avenida Cerro de los Gamos, 1.
28224 – Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)



Polígono Fátima. Parcela A6 (Alto de Enekuri)
48950 – Erandio (Bizkaia)



Avenida Duque d´Ávila, 23
100 – 138 (Lisboa)



Travesera de les Corts, 55
08028 (Barcelona)

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Our international ecosystem of partners takes UDS Enterprise technology wherever customers need it.

Partner Platinum | Virtual Cable
Virtual Cable Platinum Partners form an elite group with proven experience in helping customers get the most out of their projects with UDS Enterprise.
They have achieved the highest level technical and commercial certifications that accredit them as experts in our VDI solutions.
Partners Gold | Virtual Cable

Virtual Cable Gold Partners have the technical and commercial skills to successfully undertake your VDI projects with UDS Enterprise. Their professional skills have been demonstrated over an extensive number of projects.

Partner Silver | Virtual Cable

Our Silver Partners have the basic knowledge to implement Virtual Cable technologies. They have successfully carried out a considerable number of digital transformation projects with UDS Enterprise.

Partner Authorized | Virtual Cable

Authorized Partners are accredited to sell all of Virtual Cable’s desktop virtualization and management solutions. They have taken the first steps to train as specialists in UDS Enterprise.

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Drive unlimited growth for your company

Take advantage of offering the best technology for the workplace of the future.
Become a benchmark in innovation for your customers.
Differentiate yourself from other IT integrators by providing the only fully customizable VDI solution capable of integrating with any third-party technology.

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Virtual Cable is firmly committed to its powerful network of partners, putting at your disposal all the necessary tools to guarantee the best results for your customers.

Our commitment is based on establishing close relationships. We guide our partners with entirely personalized support, making our latest technological advances available to them so that they can always offer solutions with added value.

We bet on our network of Partners | Virtual Cable
Be different. Be a VCP

Be different. Be a VCP

Provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Build flexible and versatile VDI platforms, with the most suitable technologies that bring each project to life.

Offer related services so your customers don’t have to worry about a thing.

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