Sustainable and responsible

VDI projects

is our North Star

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability has been part of our brand identity since the beginning, and we have grown with the firm belief that we must take care of our planet.
Our solutions help organizations meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are part of the UN Global Compact

As a signatory member, Virtual Cable is aligned with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative promoted by the UN.

UN75 | Forging our future together
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+10 years

of teleworking





Minimizing the carbon footprint

Achieving maximum energy efficiency

Reusing computer equipment

Limiting consumption as much as possible

Promoting the circular

Innovating to look after
the environment

Promoting less commuting

Reducing pollution

We want to lead by EXAMPLE

All our actions are geared towards sustainability.
Therefore, our business model focuses on digital formats that reduce paper consumption.
We lead by example, producing our promotional material in an ecological and sustainable way, using paper only when it is essential. And when we do, we always use Cradle to Cradle certified paper.

Certified | Cradle to cradle

We engage RESPONSIBLY with society

More than ten years ago, we found that existing VDI solutions were too inaccessible and only available to organizations with large budgets. That is why we decided to start Virtual Cable, to develop an alternative that would democratize the adoption of this technology.

Intense collaborative work with the IT teams of prestigious universities helped to lay the foundations of our software. We designed a flexible and profitable marketing model even for large volumes of users, which would help to avoid vendor lock-in and the traditional licensing system.

The seed of UDS ENTERPRISE was already sown with very defined traits in its DNA
VDI solutions: freedom to choose | Virtual Cable

Freedom of choice

VDI solutions:Possibility of sharing | Virtual Cable

Possibility of sharing

VDI solutions: universal compatibility | Virtual Cable

Universal compatibility

VDI solutions: unlimited scalability | Virtual Cable

Unlimited scalability

SOCIAL ACTION during the Pandemic

We helped implement teleworking and distance learning to entities around the world.

We provided our support, quickly and effectively, to all organizations that needed a technological solution to continue their activity.

We made UDS Enterprise available to public administrations, public and private companies and institutions of all kinds to implement secure teleworking and eLearning solutions in record time.

Open Solidarity campaign. We joined this global digital cooperation initiative, voluntarily offering virtual desktops on the cloud with UDS Enterprise and OVHcloud.

#Open_solidarity | Official contributor
An example of this selfless action was the project for the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo in Ecuador.

I See article >

Polytechnic School of Chimborazo
ukrainian flag

SOCIAL ACTION to help Ukraine

Collaborating with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

OCHA | United nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs

We donate our VDI technology to help Ukraine, demonstrating our support in the light of the dire situation the country finds itself in.

We offer our solution to any organization with facilities in the country.

We provide a rapid response to the humanitarian crisis, helping Ukrainian companies to set up a secure teleworking system for all employees who need it.

We also offer UDS Enterprise to all Ukrainian educational institutions so that all students can continue their education from any location and with any device.

We will collaborate in the reconstruction of the country once the war is over, extending our support for the two years after the resolution of the conflict.