Because we are not all the same: Personalized VDI

We help light the way for all our customers in their VDI projects, personalizing these as much as possible to achieve a unique experience that is fully adapted to the needs of each user.

We develop different solutions, because each customer has different needs and objectives. We can light the way to professional success for any person.

The timeline of our story | Virtual Cable

Some of our MILESTONES in desktop virtualization

Today, millions of virtual desktops are deployed around the world every day using our software.

We are the only software development company that has obtained the Certificate of Excellence in Business Management (CIEGE), conferred by the newspaper elEconomista and the company Informa D&B for the fourth consecutive year.

We have managed to democratize the adoption of VDI technology by developing solutions available to everyone and for any type of user.

We have built a more liberated society thanks to the power of VDI technology.

Our MILESTONES in desktop virtualization (2011 -2013) | Virtual Cable
Our MILESTONES in desktop virtualization (2014 -2019) | Virtual Cable
Our MILESTONES in desktop virtualization (2020 -2021) | Virtual Cable
Our MILESTONES in desktop virtualization (2022) | Virtual Cable

Strong set of values in our DNA

About us: Freedom | Virtual Cable

We are a united and committed team and we have a strong set of values in our DNA. The freedom to choose where, when and how; the freedom to decide.

Corporate Values: We are all different | VIRTUAL CABLE


We develop different solutions, because we are not all the same and we have specific needs.

Corporate values: Software with values | VIRTUAL CABLE


Our software incorporates our values and helps other companies and institutions to adopt them as well.

Corporate values: Be able to choose | VIRTUAL CABLE


Deciding how we want to do things, in line with our approach to life and the way we see the world.

The more flexible we are, the better we will adapt to changes.

In a world that changes by the minute, flexibility is essential to ensure we don’t fall behind.

We believe this concept is linked to the ability to adapt. And ours is unlimited.

Adaptability in a changing world | VIRTUAL CABLE
About us: Flexibility | Virtual Cable


We also feel we have a responsibility to society and the environment, which is why we encourage actions that contribute to their protection and improvement.

Adaptability in a changing world | VIRTUAL CABLE


Preserving the planet, fighting climate change and promoting social welfare are values intrinsic to our mission and our business activity.

We develop technologies that help companies to be more efficient and productive, while reducing their environmental impact by extending the useful life of devices and promoting work-life balance and remote working.


of our customers place their trust in Virtual Cable year after year

Transferring knowledge is essential to drive innovation and the advancement of society.

Sharing experience and being open to collaborating with people from all over the world is the best way to enrich our company and society.

Corporate Values: Proximity | VIRTUAL CABLE


Individual customer service defines our way of working. Direct contact with customers is essential to provide a top quality service. Understanding each of them is key to meeting their particular needs in the most efficient way possible.

Corporate values: Excellence | VIRTUAL CABLE


We strive for excellence in all areas of the business. We make every effort to improve each day, promoting internal learning processes: meriting prizes and awards that show this.

Corporate values: Responsibility | VIRTUAL CABLE


We always fulfill our commitments to customers.

“We approach projects as if they were our own and dedicate ourselves fully to the task to offer value-added solutions”


Virtual Cable is made up of a united and highly qualified team of individuals. Our specialists and developers are experts with more than 15 years of experience in virtualization technologies.

30 years

of experience

Virtual Cable is made up of a united and highly qualified team of individuals. Our specialists and developers are experts with more than 15 years of experience in virtualization technologies.

We are committed to serving our customers with professionalism and efficiency. The proximity and accessibility of all the company’s departments is one of our major values. Agility and personalized service is one of our hallmarks.

Félix Casado | Vistual Cable


Virtual Cable’s CEO, Félix Casado, has the highest level of training in senior management and team leadership. More than 30 years of experience in the information technology and services sector. A major expert in cutting-edge technologies and market trends, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL, who focuses on IT service management and strategy.

Fernando Feliu | Vistual Cable


Fernando Feliu has more than 30 years of experience in the ICT sector, during which he has managed marketing and sales teams in major multinationals. He has experience in the entire distribution chain of products and technological solutions for software manufacturers, wholesalers and even integrators. He has a solid academic foundation acquired in renowned international schools.

Ignacio Manterola I Virtual Cable


More than 30 years of experience in the ICT, BPM, and Outsourcing sectors. Over the past 10 years, Ignacio Manterola has developed his professional career as a Sales and Marketing Director, as well as a Business Development Manager. Always goal-oriented and focused on meeting client needs, he has specialized in providing business services and solutions at leading IT system integrator companies.

Beatriz Lafuente | Virtual Cable

Marketing Manager

Specialized in marketing and communications in the technology sector. Throughout her professional career, she has acquired extensive experience in various media, enabling her to develop a critical and analytical perspective. Always aware of new developments and trends, she imbues Virtual Cable with a style that makes it stand out from the rest of the sector.

Team: Yolanda González | Virtual Cable

Commercial Manager

A professional with an extensive sales career mainly in Asia. Specialist in managing relationships with national and international customers, she is passionate about challenges and dealing with people. She has taken on positions of responsibility since the start of her career as a result of which she has acquired a significant set of professional skills and competencies.

Team: Javier González | Virtual Cable

Technical Manager

Expert in virtualization, cloud solutions, networks and operating systems. Specialist in administration and deployment of the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. A professional who is continuously learning and retraining, capable of masterfully implementing the wide variety of technologies that Virtual Cable integrates into its solutions. He manages the technical department and the support team.

Team: Adolfo Gómez | Virtual Cable

Head of Development

Responsible for the design and development of all Virtual Cable software solutions. Expert in a wide range of programming languages, operating systems and all kinds of technologies. He has collaborated with important international public and private companies and has obtained the official certifications of the most renowned manufacturers in the sector.

The look of our clients

El Ejido City Council

Francisco Góngora, Mayor

“Virtual Cable technology, UDS Enterprise, helped us move forward to achieve a SMART CITY, an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable city”

Health Transportation Group

David Jiménez, Systems and Security Manager

“Support is one of the strong points of UDS Enterprise. I don’t know which is better, the product or the service. UDS Enterprise is a very open tool that fits into any sector and activity. And their support service is truly agile and efficient”

Peel Regional Police

William Wallace, Police Inspector

“The team of professionals behind the UDS Enterprise software provides an agile and personalized support service. Our feedback is very positive”

University of Salamanca

José Manuel Agudo, IT Deputy Director

“Virtual Cable’s support service is excellent. They are a highly qualified team that provides personalized and professional support”

Issues and Answers Network

Casey Newsome, Systems Developer

“Whenever we have needed help from the Virtual Cable team, the response has been quick and efficient. The support service is outstanding”

Jaén Provincial Council

Jesús Dorado, Head of the Technical Architecture System

“The Virtual Cable team offers the fantastic option of participating in the roadmap of its solutions. We have proposed new features that have been incorporated very quickly into UDS Enterprise. The support is always fast and personalized.


José Vicente Moreno, IT Manager

“The technical support provided by the Virtual Cable team is excellent. We recommend it without a doubt. Knowing how they work, we knew we were making the right decision”

Catholic University of Louvain

Frédéric Malengreau, Head of the User Support Department

“We have contacted the Virtual Cable team to request new developments and new features that we needed to incorporate into UDS Enterprise and they have always met our needs very quickly. The quality of their service is unbeatable”