Virtual Cable and its most innovative alliances

We work as a TEAM with the best experts

Our technology partners are key to create value-added solutions and enrich the features of UDS ENTERPRISE.

Together with them, we develop cutting-edge innovations that promote and accelerate the digital transformation of the workplace with all the necessary security guarantees.

Discover how Virtual Cable joins forces with the leading companies in the sector to integrate their products and build solutions that improve the efficiency and competitiveness of organizations.

Alliances: We work as a TEAM with the best experts | Virtual Cable
Through the alliance with ASUS, Virtual Cable has certified the compatibility of UDS Enterprise with the wide portfolio of ASUS devices, so that users can choose the range that best suits their needs.
Virtual Cable and Citrix have joined forces to create easy-to-manage, robust VDI platforms endorsed by trusted professionals. UDS Enterprise enhances the Citrix Workspace™ experience.
Virtual Cable and Fujitsu have signed an OEM agreement that facilitates the acquisition of UDS Enterprise bundled with PRIMERGY servers and PRIMEFLEX hybrid cloud solutions to improve the experience of remote users.
Virtual Cable works with the Glyptodon team to offer a secure and easy method of connecting remote end-users to all kinds of digital resources, using a simple web browser.
The partnership between Virtual Cable and IGEL allows the use of any device from this manufacturer, as well as its VDI-focused operating system, to securely access remote desktop services with UDS Enterprise.
Virtual Cable and Jabra offer ad-hoc solutions for different sectors. They provide the best experience for hybrid work and teaching environments, where audio and video conferencing solutions are essential.
Virtual Cable and Login VSI experts help customers combine solutions from both companies to choose the technologies that deliver the best performance and user experience.
Virtual Cable and Microsoft have worked together to offer a platform for virtual desktops and applications on the cloud, optimizing the use of resources and allowing infrastructure to be scaled up or down as needed.
As a result of an agreement between Virtual Cable and NodeWeaver, UDS Enterprise is now integrated as an appliance within the NodeWeaver hyperconverged platform for management and access to VDI.
Virtual Cable and NoMachine have teamed up to provide, through UDS Enterprise, access to macOS computers remotely at any time, from anywhere and with multiple devices.
Thanks to the alliance between Virtual Cable and NComputing, UDS Enterprise is integrated into LEAF OS, NComputing's Linux-based operating system, providing efficient and secure access to VDI.
Virtual Cable and Nutanix offer a joint solution which is reliable and offers high-level technical features. It is the hyperconverged VDI tool par excellence.
The Virtual Cable and OpenNebula teams work jointly to facilitate the management and deployment of virtual desktops and applications on a managed and secure computing service.
The collaboration between Virtual Cable and OpenStack allows users to manage and deploy virtual desktops with the Open Source cloud orchestrator through UDS Enterprise’s intuitive and simple interface.
Virtual Cable and oVirt have signed a technology agreement that certifies the perfect integration of the solutions of both companies to create reliable and secure Open Source VDI infrastructures.
The alliance between Virtual Cable and Praim guarantees fast and secure 24×7 access to VDI, virtual applications and remotely accessible equipment through any device with Praim Agile software.
The Virtual Cable and Red Hat teams have worked together to unify the power of UDS Enterprise and RHV to deliver virtual desktops and apps on an Open Source virtualization platform.
Virtual Cable and SharxDC have created a technology alliance that has given rise to a hyperconverged VDI solution, which allows the customization of virtual desktops with high cybersecurity requirements.
Virtual Cable and Teradici have teamed up to provide virtual desktops and applications with an optimal user experience for workstations that use graphically demanding programs.
Experts from Virtual Cable and Vates have created a 100% Open Source turnkey VDI solution, with all the necessary components to generate, manage and deploy Windows and Linux VDI and vApp.
Virtual Cable works with VMware to deliver reliable, secure, and high-performance application and desktop virtualization solutions, combining the strengths of their solutions.
Virtual Cable and Walhalla have partnered to launch a VDI solution, in the cloud, with UDS Enterprise to serve pay-per-use virtual desktops and applications with high performance and maximum availability.
The alliance between Virtual Cable and WatchGuard helps to reinforce security for access to VDI platforms with UDS Enterprise, integrating an advanced multi-factor authentication system.

JOIN our Technology Alliances network

JOIN our Technology Alliances network

We work as a TEAM to obtain the most important CERTIFICATIONS

The most renowned manufacturers in the sector have certified the compatibility and perfect integration of UDS Enterprise with their products, thus ensuring the seamless reliability and interoperability of our joint solutions.