Glyptodon & UDS: Simple, secure acces to remote desktops

by | Apr 21, 2021

A commercial build of the open source remote access software, Apache Guacamole, Glyptodon Enterprise enables end-users to access remote desktops managed by UDS Enterprise with just a standard web browser.

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Glyptodon and Virtual Cable today announced a technology alliance Glyptodon provides simple and secure open-source remote access solutions. Virtual Cable develops and supports the UDS Enterprise connection broker software to manage and deploy virtual desktops, applications and remote access to physical and virtual devices.The two companies have developed an extension that integrates UDS Enterprise directly with Glyptodon Enterprise, a commercially-supported build of the open source remote access software, Apache Guacamole. Glyptodon Enterprise was created by the original developers of the open-source Apache Guacamole Project.Glyptodon Enterprise makes it simple for end-users to securely connect to remote desktops and applications within UDS Enterprise. End-users need nothing more than a standard web browser and login credentials to access their remote desktop. There’s no virtual private network or client required.

We’ve recommended that our customers use Apache Guacamole as a remote access gateway for years,” said Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable. “Glyptodon Enterprise delivers all the security and simplicity of Apache Guacamole in a pre-built, easy-to-install package. And since Glyptodon was founded by the Guacamole project’s original developers, the support they provide is top-notch.”

Organizations around the world, and particularly institutions in higher education and public administrations, rely on Virtual Cable’s multi-platform connection broker for their remote desktop infrastructures. UDS Enterprise manages Windows and Linux virtual desktop administration and deployment, application virtualization, desktop services consolidation and remote access to physical and virtual devices. It integrates seamlessly with a wide range of open source and enterprise technologies and makes it easy to customize a solution to fit the unique needs of each organization.

“UDS Enterprise is a robust, flexible connection broker that’s used by organizations around the globe to manage remote desktop infrastructures,” said Mike Jumper, CEO of Glyptodon. “Virtual Cable has now made it effortless to use Glyptodon Enterprise as a secure, simple means of connecting end-users remotely to digital assets. And with so many companies planning to continue remote work in some form after the pandemic, enterprises need simple, secure solutions that can scale quickly and affordably.”

The Press Release on this announcement is available for download here.



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