OpenNebulaConf attendees know UDS Enterprise

by | Jun 11, 2017

All attendees to OpenNebula Conference Europe 2017 had the opportunity to see the advantages of the integration of OpenNebula and UDS Enterprise, the only VDI connection broker OpenNebula Ready certified that publishes on this cloud orchestrator.

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VirtualCable systems engineer Abdelghafour Ait Baaddi explained that the integration of both solutions allows building a cost-free VDI Open Source platform in the cloud, from which both Windows and Linux virtual desktops and virtual applications can be deployed.Our engineer announced the main features of UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker, such as the automatic management of the resources life cycle, the easy integration with any third-party software, the management of user access through any authenticator along with the simple installation, administration, and usability of the software.He also highlighted how user access can be performed from any web browser and operating system, the centralized, unified, fast management of virtual desktops and the unlimited flexibility provided by this software since it allows to enable simultaneously several hypervisors, authenticators, connection protocols and cloud services.

In addition, he added that UDS Enterprise has an advanced double-cache system, an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which allows secure access from the WAN and a double authentication system.

He also highlighted that a platform with UDS Enterprise is scalable, supports high availability through load balancing, can have several storage systems, manage an unlimited number of IP services and can be integrated with any eLearning platform, such as Moodle.

Regarding the highlights of a joint solution formed by UDS Enterprise and OpenNebula, our speaker emphasized that thanks to this integration, a highly profitable 100% Open Source VDI cloud is obtained, which allows to easily manage clusters for VDI and deploy and integrate any cloud platform, be it public or private.

Finally, our engineer referred to the extensive experience of VirtualCable that supports and develops UDS Enterprise, and that this latter is being used by customers with tens of thousands of users of virtual desktops around the world and with operational deployments with OpenNebula.

As a closing to the conference and to illustrate the simple and efficient integration of UDS Enterprise with OpenNebula, attendees could see an interesting demo that shows how UDS Enterprise creates a virtual desktop on OpenNebula every 3 seconds.

For more information, see the PPT and the full video of our presentation, which took place on October 24th.



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