Trends in desktop and application virtualization for 2024

by | Jan 11, 2024

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Virtual Cable identifies six major trends that will evolve the VDI market in 2024: from multicloud and AI to 24-hour support.
Tendencias VDI 2024

The transformation that the IT market is experiencing is becoming more and more evident, where companies have the freedom to choose digital workplace solutions aligned with their present and future strategies and needs. The entry of new players in software development has redefined the landscape, offering more adaptable and innovative solutions than traditional ones.

After studying the market, and as one of the main developers in Spain, Virtual Cable, a leading manufacturer of workplace virtualization solutions, announces the next trends in VDI technology for the year 2024.


Featured trends for 2024:

1. Multicloud and flexibility: keys in the evolution of the digital workplace

The growing adoption of multicloud approaches is driven by businesses’ need for flexibility and agility in their operations. The ability to work with various cloud platforms at the same time and perform automatic overflows from on-premise infrastructures is presented as a direct response to the demand of organizations. This way they can optimize costs and improve performance, dynamically adapting to workload variations.


2. Artificial intelligence in VDI: revolutionizing desktop virtualization.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence in the virtualization of desktops and applications responds to the progressive complexity of business environments. AI plays a crucial role in improving operational efficiency, automating routine tasks and optimizing performance, providing a more personalized and efficient user experience.


3. The rise of open source solutions in workplace virtualization.

The preference for open and open source-based solutions reflects the need for organizations to avoid vendor lock-in. The adoption of open source technologies provides companies with the freedom to customize their desktop virtualization solutions, adapting them to specific needs without restrictions, while ensuring sustainability and optimization of previous investments.


4. User experience and security as priorities

The continued prioritization of user experience and security is justified by its direct impact on productivity and business confidence. Companies are looking for workplace digitalization solutions that not only improve accessibility and usability, but also incorporate robust security measures to protect critical data and operations.


5. Flexible, adaptable and scalable solutions

The change towards more flexible and sustainable solutions in the IT market evidences a transition from technological imposition towards freedom of choice. Organizations look for solutions that align with their short- and long-term strategies. The rise of startups in software development reaffirms the need for adaptability, innovation and customer-centricity.


6. 24×7 support and long-term profitability

The demand for ongoing support has been identified as a priority for customers during the digital transformation process. 24×7 support stands as an essential pillar in the digital transformation strategy. Companies that recognize the importance of this aspect are not only looking for a technological solution, but for a committed partner to help them ensure the continuity of their business and achieve sustained success on their journey towards virtualization and digital innovation. On the other hand, profitability and cost control are key aspects today, since organizations need to adjust their budgets to the maximum.


Virtual Cable leads with innovation in multicloud and flexible deployments

Virtual Cable has taken a comprehensive approach to address emerging trends in desktop and application virtualization. The company addresses the growing need for multicloud approaches by enabling automated and flexible deployments on various cloud platforms such as Huawei Cloud, Azure or AWS. Its solutions are also capable of automating overflows between on-premise and cloud platforms, taking advantage of existing infrastructures and optimizing costs and performance.


How AI is transforming operational efficiency in VDI

On the other hand, UDS Enterprise 3.6 has integrated Artificial Intelligence capabilities that optimize operational efficiency and personalization of the user experience. The creation of UDS Enterprise as an open source solution reflects its commitment to freedom of choice, allowing clients to build custom platforms that can combine virtual desktops, virtualized applications and remote access to physical equipment in a single console.


Furthermore, prioritizing security and user experience in its flexible and scalable solutions consolidates Virtual Cable as a leading manufacturer in the industry, focused on responding to the present and future needs of organizations of all sizes and sectors.

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