UDS Enterprise & Wacom for eLearning and remote working

by | Jun 5, 2020

Remote working and distance learning have suddenly become the norm. Professionals from all sectors need solutions to efficiently perform from homes the tasks that until now were carried out in offices, schools and faculties. Virtual Cable and Wacom have joined forces to provide the best tools:

Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

THE UDS ENTERPRISE VDI BROKER allows the implementation of an efficient and secure remote working system in a few hours. You can choose how to do it: enabling access to Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications or to the computers in the offices.

  • Enjoy its multiple advantages:? Flat rate from 350 users

    ? Access through web browser from any device

    ? Automate and centralized management of all the software needed

    ? All its components can be configured in high availability

    ? Deployment on premise or in public, private and hybrid clouds

    ? Enable several virtualization platforms, connection protocols, authenticators, hyperconvergence systems… to run simultaneously

    ? Compatibility with most technologies on the market

    ? Easily scalable solution

    ? Software based on Open Source: 100% customizable on a technical and aesthetic level

WACOM DEVICES. Access all the software you need to study and work remotely through its interactive monitors and pen tablets. Complement them with your digital pens and solutions for storing and processing digital signatures. The advanced technology of Wacom’s intuitive devices has been used in the creation of some of the world’s most exciting digital films, special effects, fashion, designs, and artwork, and offers home and professional users a leading interface technology to express your own personality.

PROVIDE THE BEST IMAGE AND AUDIO EXPERIENCE. We have the key piece for professionals in the audiovisual sector, future engineers, designers, photographers… and ultimately anyone working with graphics-intensive content. Both UDS Enterprise and Wacom devices support Teradici Cloud Access Software (PCoIP) . VirtualCable, the company behind UDS Enterprise, has an agreement with Teradici to provide a joint cost-effective solution. Wacom has responsive devices in high latency environments**, certified to be used with the PCoIP connection protocol.

This technology enables to stream content in Ultra HD 4K smoothly, meeting the quality and performance needs of users working with graphics-intensive content.
Configure your own solution: Use the Wacom device that best suits your requirements to access all the software you need at any time and from anywhere through UDS Enterprise. If you use graphics-intensive software, add the PCoIP protocol.

For more information contact our team at [email protected]

Take advantage of the special promo to implement remote working and eLearning with UDS Enterprise.

There are special conditions to facilitate the adoption of Wacom devices and UDS Enterprise VDI for educational organizations.



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