Ironchip and Virtual Cable team up to strengthen security in digital work environments

by | Jul 13, 2023

Virtual Cable, a leading developer of desktop and application virtualization solutions, today announced a strategic alliance with Ironchip, a leading cybersecurity company and developer of a pioneering AI-based authentication system.
Alianza tecnológica VC-Ironchip

This collaboration aims to offer customers comprehensive and robust digital workplace solutions with advanced security mechanisms that ensure the protection of their data and IT systems, preventing fraudulent and unauthorized access to workstations.

The Virtual Cable and Ironchip partnership: guaranteed protection and efficiency

The extensive expertise and technical expertise of both companies’ experts have resulted in the seamless integration of Ironchip tools into UDS Enterprise, Virtual Cable’s VDI software. They add an extra layer of security for access to virtual desktops, virtualized applications, and physical machines available for remote use with UDS Enterprise. Specifically, Ironchip’s Zero Trust Takeover technology verifies employee identity through non-implicable location, device intelligence and user behavior.

Following its philosophy of offering efficient responses to the current and real needs of companies, and aware that location is a key security factor, Virtual Cable has managed with this technological partnership with Ironchip to offer a complete solution for remote work consisting of virtualized workspaces and localized authentication. Thus, employees can access their virtual desktops and applications securely from any location, as it incorporates artificial intelligence that detects fraud by analyzing each person’s behavior. In addition, Ironchip’s technology is capable of notifying in real time of synthetic identity creation, phishing, SIM switching and other unwanted behavior, making it easier to mitigate any such attacks before they occur.

This alliance strengthens remote work protection and the user experience

As an added value, Ironchip’s access management platform enhances the user experience by providing a single login portal to all your programs and applications, thus avoiding having different credentials to access each platform. It also simplifies management and adds additional layers of security to eliminate identity theft.

“The security of our customers is a priority for us and our partnership with Ironchip is a further step in our goal to provide VDI solutions with state-of-the-art security mechanisms,” says Felix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable. “This agreement allows us to reinforce the protection of digital work environments with UDS Enterprise and offer our customers the peace of mind of having reliable solutions that guarantee the continuity of their operations.”

“Ironchip has sealed this technology alliance with Virtual Cable to establish itself as a leader in remote work authentication. This collaboration combines the strengths of both companies’ leading technologies to provide the most comprehensive and effective solution for remote desktop protection. By working together, we deliver a unique, secure and seamless remote work experience that allows employees to access their desktop from anywhere in the world without worry,” said Julen Martinez Higuero, CEO of Ironchip.



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