Virtual Cable and Syneto announce their partnership in VDI technology market

by | Nov 28, 2023

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Syneto has incorporated UDS SMB into its platform to help SMEs access their primary infrastructure securely from anywhere and using any device.

Strategic alliance between Virtual Cable and Syneto

Virtual Cable and Syneto share the belief that everyone has the right to enjoy the advantages of the latest technology, knowing that SMB’s face major difficulties in undertaking their digital transformation processes.

Syneto decided to integrate UDS SMB by Virtual Cable into its infrastructure to make the same technology used by large corporations available to smaller companies, so that they can securely access their workspaces at any time, from any place and from any device, with a cost-effective and affordable strategy.

Whatever the business, Virtual Cable and Syneto joint solution can guarantee the continuity of its activities in any circumstance, all made possible by the best VDI technology integrated with an hyperconverged infrastructure, focused on data management, restore and resiliency approach.

Marco Lorenzi, President of Syneto, states: “This partnership aims to provide users with secure and flexible access to their working tools from anywhere. In collaboration with Virtual Cable, Syneto’s mission is to further enhance security, enabling users to access the primary infrastructure securely from any corner of the world.”

Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable says: “This exciting alliance with Syneto reaffirms our commitment to democratizing VDI technology. The integration of UDS SMB into Syneto’s infrastructure signifies a leap towards a more inclusive business landscape, empowering small and medium enterprises with the same secure and flexible access to their workspaces that larger corporations enjoy”.

UDS SMB: revolutionizing virtualization for SMEs

Based on UDS Enterprise, UDS SMB is a new software concept especially designed for small and medium enterprises to create a fully customized workplace virtualization platform. It provides 24×7 secure access, from any place and device to all the applications and software. Its Open-Source base guarantees compatibility with Syneto technology. It can be deployed on premises, on public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud. Even combine multiple environments at the same time and perform automatic and smart overflows to optimize performance and efficiency. 

Syneto chose UDS Enterprise by Virtual Cable because it can guarantee to every user big advantages.

The partnership between Syneto and Virtual Cable will lead to a synergistic combination of their respective expertise and product offerings. Syneto specializes in providing storage and data protection solutions, while Virtual Cable focuses on the development of secure and sustainable solutions that combine desktop virtualization, virtual applications and remote access to physical devices from a single console.

This partnership will enable both small and medium companies to offer an integrated solution to customers, combining Syneto’s capability to provide reliable and secure storage solutions with Virtual Cable’s expertise in application and desktop virtualization.

Benefits and advantages of the collaboration

Virtual Cable will enhance Syneto’s solutions by enabling customers to securely and conveniently access their virtualized desktops and applications. The combination of both companies’ solutions could simplify IT resource management, improve operational efficiency, and offer greater flexibility to end-users.

Overall, a partnership between Syneto and Virtual Cable will enable SMBs to benefit from integrated solutions that combine storage, data protection, and virtualization.

Alessandro Freddi, Sales Director of Syneto, comments: “Users can make the most of remote access, making Syneto’s primary infrastructure always accessible, dynamic and, above all, secure. They can enjoy the flexibility of working from any location, without compromising the security of company data. Syneto-Virtual Cable partnership represents a significant step towards a more secure, dynamic and globally accessible working environment.”

Yolanda González, Sales Manager of Virtual Cable, expresses: “By synergizing the strengths of Syneto’s storage and data protection solutions with Virtual Cable’s expertise in secure and sustainable desktop virtualization, we aim to streamline IT resource management, boost operational efficiency, and deliver unparalleled flexibility to our clients. This marks a substantial stride towards a more integrated and robust digital workplace solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.”




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