Walhalla launches WDI: VDI in the cloud with UDS Enterprise

by | Jun 18, 2018

Our Authorized Partner Walhalla Cloud has launched a new technology that will shake up the VDI business. It is WDI, Walhalla Desktop Infrastructure for VDI, a virtual desktops in the cloud solution with UDS Enterprise as a connection broker.

Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

This new solution provides additional advantages to the usual ones of desktop virtualization and solves two of the factors that are currently limiting the expansion of VDI: costs and security. WDI guarantees high security and availability of your virtual desktops at the most competitive cost.

Walhalla Cloud has created a central node with high speed telecommunications in Madrid to offer these services. This new WDI platform, which will be available soon, is strategically located in a hyperconnected Data Center in which there is direct access to Espanix, connection with virtually all telecommunications operators in the country, and a dense own telecommunications network which includes thousands of kilometers of fiber spread throughout the territory, as well as other types of communications links.

This complete infrastructure allows customers to choose access for VDIs hosted in a public or private cloud whose strengths are geographical proximity, security and resilience with high availability and backup, as well as direct access with redundant and high-speed telecommunications.



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