About 50 CIOs in India know UDS Enterprise

by | Feb 22, 2023

About 50 CIOs of important companies, located in India, dicovered our software UDS Enterprise VDI, on March 10, in a CIOKlub event organized by our partner in India, Computer Port IT Solutions, and sponsored by VirtualCable.

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According to Ravi Kumar, Head of Operations and Sales for Computer Port IT Solutions, the event held in Coimbatore, India, was a great success, exceeding the number of CIOs they expected to attend. All of them were very interested in UDS Enterprise thanks to the presentation made by Kumar, which gave the keys to the success of UDS Enterprise, which in his opinion are: storage scalability and private and hybrid cloud support using OpenNebula, One of the best and most used cloud platforms on the market.In addition, our partner showed an online demo, where participants could see how the software works and see the experience of users and administrators of virtual desktops and services with UDS Enterprise.
CIOKlub Coimbatore is a powerful association of CIOs from different companies that exchange knowledge and best practices on IT. In this way, if one of the companies obtains a good experience with a certain product, it recommends to the other members, who will follow its recommendation in the case of needing a product of these characteristics. In this framework, UDS Enterprise has been strongly recommended by our partner in India, which has transmitted the optimal experience they have had with UDS Enterprise.

You can see the full interview in this vídeo .



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