The EVITA project with UDS, finalist in the @asLAN Awards

by | Feb 20, 2020

The inclusive VDI project with UDS Enterprise of the University of Murcia (UMU) has entered the final of the XII @asLAN Awards . This event, organized by the @asLAN Association , recognizes the best Case Studies of Digital Transformation in Public Administrations and Organizations.

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EVITA (Virtual Desktops for Special Education)” is nominated in the “Bridging the digital divide and sustainability” category. As explained by @asLAN, the selected projects “stand out for having contributed to developing new services, improving efficiency and reducing costs in Public Administrations.” This is a public recognition for successful experiences in the Spanish Administration in the application and use of ICT, as well as the initiative and effort of their leaders.The project of the University of Murcia fits perfectly in the evaluation criteria of these awards, since it is helping around 1,500 students with disabilities or learning difficulties to improve their accessibility to computer tools that allow them to carry out their studies in a more efficient way. Thanks to the UDS Enterprise VDI broker, the university is providing a new service to these students, allowing them to access the university’s programs and applications in the easiest and safest way at any time, from anywhere and device. In addition, they can customize their virtual desktop and save their settings so they don’t have to reapply them each time they connect to the service.
This project, which leverages the advantages of UDS Enterprise desktop virtualization technology, has been selected finalist among the 65 Case Studies submitted by more than 54 companies and public bodies. The members of the companies associated to @asLAN and the Commission for relationship with the Public Administrations have been in charge of selecting the projects that have entered the final phase. Voting has been performed through an open and transparent process.

From today until March 4, all users registered on the @asLAN website can vote for this nomination at this link.

The winners of each category will be announced at the Grand Gala Dinner to be held on March 10 within the framework of the ASLAN2020 Congress that will take place on the 10th and 11th of that month at the Municipal Palace of Madrid (IFEMA).

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