Virtual Cable partners with LG to deliver the best technology for the Education sector

by | Dec 12, 2022

Both companies have reached an agreement to renovate and transform educational centers in Spain with the most advanced image technology and latest-generation VDI software

LG Electronics Spain and Virtual Cable, a company specializing in the digital transformation of the workplace, have signed a technology alliance to improve the experience and productivity in educational organizations to provide classrooms with the most outstanding technological innovation. Thanks to the quality of LG monitors and Virtual Cable’s UDS Education software, users can enjoy the best performance using their study and work tools.

This innovative joint solution allows secure and centralized access to the entire catalog of software and applications of the educational center from LG monitors without the need to install anything on the monitors. Through any web browser, students and teachers access the UDS Education console. Then, with a single click, they start using all their tools, which can be hosted on virtual desktops or virtualized Windows and Linux applications, and even on physical devices located at any facility in the center.

Innovation for the classroom: state-of-the-art hardware and software

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in all sectors, such as Education. As a result, more and more technological solutions are being sought that allow students to be trained more efficiently while facilitating the teaching activity and simplifying IT management, guaranteeing maximum security.

For this reason, LG Electronics Spain has developed innovations that improve learning performance in the classroom and remotely. One is the LG TR3PJ series of interactive whiteboards (with models from 65 to 98 inches), an all-in-one solution that combines an integrated microphone, camera, and speakers. Up to 20 multi-touch points can be used simultaneously on its panel. This feature gives you a real whiteboard writing experience and makes collaboration much more straightforward. In addition, it incorporates Air Class, supports connecting up to 30 students, and delivers interactive meetings for all mobile devices on the same network, offering a variety of tools such as voting, answering, and sharing project texts. Furthermore, its improved ScreenShare Pro feature allows displaying a maximum of six shared screens or one file on one screen in real time. Also, it has improved usability by allowing users to share Chromecast mirrors on the same network without any apps.

All these functionalities have been tested and are perfectly compatible with UDS Enterprise, the software developed by Virtual Cable, and with its specific solution for the educational sector, UDS Education. It is a new software concept to build a fully customized workplace virtualization platform, with 24/7 secure access from anywhere and any device to all kinds of applications and software for organizations and educational centers. And that, together with this new alliance with LG, allows, among other functions, access from LG monitors to virtual desktops and applications, even to physical devices located in different classrooms for remote use. In addition, it allows centralized access to the entire catalog of teaching software and applications required for learning, as well as the possibility of having a dedicated virtual desktop for each subject and integration with Moodle and any eLearning platform.

Moreover, the compatibility of the UDS Education software with LG monitors brings significant benefits to IT teams. For example, the centralized and automated management of all the software and IT environment of the organization, automation, and programming of processes, monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure, and compatibility with any technology, with templates customizable by profiles, guaranteing maximum security.

In short, LG’s cutting-edge technology in the segment of monitors and screens ensures perfect integration with that developed by Virtual Cable. These two companies have extensive experience in the Education sector.



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