UDS Enterprise in the I OpenGnsys Conference

by | Jun 25, 2018

The I OpenGnsys Conference, which was held at the University of Malaga on the 7th and 8th of this month (June), was a success, for both the quality of the presentations and the number of attendees, which exceeded the expectations of the organization. Some of the presentations made during the event dealt with our UDS Enterprise connection broker.

The University of Malaga and many other national and international university centers have spent years trusting UDS Enterprise to deploy and manage their virtual desktops. Its optimal experience with the software, as well as the possibility of easily integrating it with other technologies thanks to its Open Source base, have made it easier for several universities to use this VDI & vApp broker to develop key tools for teaching. This is the case of the Remote PC Project with OpenGnsys, developed by the University of Seville, and the integration with Moodle, developed by the University of Malaga.

Both projects, for which the IT teams of the universities have worked, hand in hand, with the UDS Enterprise team, are very useful for the educational community, the reason why in the first edition of the OpenGnsys Conference a complete demo of both projects was carried out.

The attendees saw how the Remote PC project with UDS Enterprise and OpenGnsys allows remote access to the PCs of the university’s ICT laboratories after school hours. The IT team defines the schedules in which these accesses are allowed so that the use of the computers is optimized after the university closes its doors and the students enjoy the flexibility of being able to access the software installed in the classrooms from anywhere and using their own devices.

The integration with Moodle was presented as a pioneer development that has made this LMS platform the first in the world to access virtual Windows and Linux desktops. This functionality is enabled with the installation of the Virtual PC Plugin, available for download on the official Moodle website. This tool allows assigning a virtual desktop with virtual applications already installed as a didactic resource, through the UDS Enterprise broker.

In addition to these projects, at the OpenGnsys Conference, a presentation was made on VirtualCable, the company that develops and supports UDS Enterprise. there has been also explained in a comprehensive manner what UDS Enterprise is for, as well as its main features and functionalities. In this presentation, some of the strong points of the UDS Enterprise connection broker were praised, such as its ease of use, its optimal performance, and its cost. The work carried out by the UDS Enterprise team was another aspect to be highlighted. They commented that it offers personalized and efficient support, with really fast response times. To check all these virtues, just request one of the free versions of UDS Enterprise and test the software yourself.



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