University of Murcia presented its hybrid VDI ecosystem at the RedIRIS Technical Conference

by | Jun 15, 2023

The educational community has applauded this project with the UDS Education VDI solution developed by Virtual Cable, which combines on-premise and cloud desktop virtualization with remote access to physical devices.

The University of Murcia (UMU) has presented today, during the RedIRIS Technical Conference held in Zaragoza, its successful project “Hybrid Desktop Virtualization Ecosystem.” It is a modern IT infrastructure that enables remote working and eLearning for administrative and service staff, students, professors, and researchers.

Hybrid desktop virtualization infrastructure: An innovative solution for the University of Murcia

Thanks to this presentation, the educational community has been able to learn about all the benefits of this hybrid platform based on UDS Education VDI software, with VMware cloud services on AWS, on-premise hyperconvergence by Nutanix, on-premise infrastructure with HP storage and Fujitsu servers, as well as physical workstations with OpenGnsys.

UMU has been bringing computer labs closer to students for a decade through desktop virtualization with UDS Education. Thanks to this solution, the project has grown to ensure 24×7 access, from anywhere and any device, to a catalog of over 1,500 applications. The versatility of the software developed by Virtual Cable has allowed them to innovate and create a hybrid ecosystem that combines on-premise and cloud desktop virtualization with remote access to physical devices located on campus.

Jesús Valverde, Responsible for Computer Labs at UMU, explains that “the evolution of this project has been a significant advancement for our university. Hand in hand with Virtual Cable, we have created a flexible and scalable platform capable of responding to any demand peak without the need for hardware investment. By automating overflows from our on-premise platform to the Amazon cloud with VMware, we ensure service continuity for all university collectives. Students and staff have benefited from this initiative, significantly improving the user experience even with graphic design software, 3D applications, or large volumes of data. In addition, implementing desktop virtualization in a hybrid environment has strengthened our security, allowing us to comply with the National Security Framework in Spain (ENS).”

Benefits and scope of the UMU desktop virtualization project: Remote access, wide range of applications and enhanced security

Currently, more than 30,000 students, over 3,000 teachers, and over 1,200 technical, management, and administrative staff at UMU use the hybrid VDI solution with UDS Education. It has simplified remote learning management, promoted work-life balance for its staff, improved access to ICT resources for users with disabilities, and increased cybersecurity and sustainability. During the RedIRIS Technical Conference, other educational institutions have shown interest in replicating this project, adapting it to their own needs. The University of Murcia is consolidating itself as a benchmark in the application of technological solutions for a modern and high-quality education.

For more information, you can watch the recording of the presentation given by UMU at the RedIRIS Technical Conference at this link (Spanish).

Additionally, you can check and download the PPT here.



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