UDS Enterprise in the new OpenNebula Partner Ecosystem

by | Feb 26, 2018

OpenNebula Systems has recently launched its OpenNebula Partner Ecosystem, and VirtualCable, with its UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker, has been one of the first Independent Software Providers that make part of this new ecosystem.

Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

The OpenNebula ecosystem was created with the aim of bringing together different service and technology providers in the same portal, so that customers can find in a much simpler way the partners that have validated their products with OpenNebula, and make sure they can help them design, integrate, implement and operate their cloud architecture.

UDS Enterprise is the only VDI connection broker certified as OpenNebula Ready which is capable of publishing remote desktop services, such as virtual desktops and applications on OpenNebula. As you can see in this video, UDS Enterprise can deploy 1 virtual desktop on OpenNebula every 3 seconds**.

As part of the new OpenNebula Ecosystem, the UDS Enterprise team puts its extensive expertise and professionalism at the disposal of all companies interested in building a VDI platform with OpenNebula, helping them to take the maximum advantage of all the benefits of the integration of OpenNebula with UDS Enterprise. In fact, this integration will make them reach their technological and commercial objectives.

UDS Enterprise VDI is compatible with the latest versions of OpenNebula. The integration of both solutions allows building a cost-free VDI Open Source platform in the cloud. We explain how to perform the integration, as well as all the advantages of the joint solution in this video from our presentation at OpenNebula Conference Europe 2017.



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