UDS Enterprise & NodeWeaver help VDI projects come true

by | Nov 29, 2018

For many IT experts and administrators, hyper-convergence solutions have become a very good option when planning to build a desktop and application virtualization infrastructure. This type of tools greatly simplifly the management and scalability of the platform. Hence, VDI and hiperconvergence go currently hand in hand so that many projects go ahead, especially when talking about open and cost-effective solutions.

Such is the case of UDS Enterprise and NodeWeaver. Their union allows customers take advantage of a next-generation VDI solution integrated in a flexible, safe, reliable hyperconvergence platform with a really competitive price. These features have positioned NodeWeaver as the best hyper-convergence alternative in the market today.

This joint solution allows administering and deploying Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications, automatically managing their full life cycle in a fast, easy and efficient way.

Thanks to UDS Enterprise, a high performance VDI and vApp connection broker, admins can configure their platform with the hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols that best suit their needs. They can even enable several to run simultaneously and manage them centrally from a single console.

NodeWeaver removes the complexity associated to hardware, with a zero-management hyperconverged infrastructure that integrates distributed storage, networks and private cloud functionalities. In short, it agregates the same capabilities as physical nodes to execute virtual machines and container workloads. All in a single system based on OpenNebula.

UDS Enterprise and NodeWeaver teams have been collaborating for a long time to develop a turnkey VDI solution that helps companies optimize IT work and the productivity of their employees.

All those interested in learning the full details of this joint solution are invited to attend the follwing webinar on December 11th: Seize the benefits of hyperconvergence for VDI with UDS Enterprise + NodeWeaver



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