UDS Enterprise and Praim present their joint solution at ASLAN

by | Feb 6, 2021

The annual event of the @ aslan Association has kicked off today. Under the slogan Digitization is the future, the 28th edition of this event revolves around the current paradigm shift, in which technology is a priority for companies, governments, and organizations. The digital transformation is the key on which all sectors are betting to increase their capacity for resilience, offer better services and face the significant challenges imposed by the pandemic.

In this scenario, mobility and security are fundamental aspects to guarantee business continuity most efficiently and productively possible. Praim and UDS Enterprise have joined forces to provide a robust, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective VDI solution for all organizations that wish to achieve maximum efficiency in managing their IT environments and offering the best service to their users. During ASLAN 2021, Praim will announce the advantages of the incorporation of the UDS Client in Praim Agile software, which comes natively on all its endpoints.

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Thanks to this integration, all Praim devices and those in which the Praim Agile endpoint management software is installed will have direct access to virtual desktops, applications, and remotely accessible devices deployed by UDS Enterprise. End users will get a truly seamless experience by accessing the resources they need at any time, from any location and device. IT administrators will have a comprehensive, efficient and scalable solution, with high centralized management and automation capabilities .

It is a transversal solution, advantageous for all verticals. Still, in this event, they will focus on exposing the benefits for the education sector, which has had to adapt to growing demand with the handicap of responding to the new needs derived from the current health situation.

Mobility, the increase in the number of students due to the facilities provided by eLearning, the raise of personal devices to study and work, the need to provide different resources… And, eventually, the need to manage heterogeneous environments with a high number of users requires new tools and capabilities for IT teams in educational organizations.

Virtual Cable and Praim technologies offer an answer to this scenario by helping manage virtual resources on-demand, access them safely from any workstation and provide all efficiency and automation required.

The teams of both companies have analyzed the challenges in this sector. They have produced a comprehensive White Paper to help these organizations solve their IT challenges with the maximum possible agility, efficiency, and profitability.

The report in Spanish is available for download at Praim area at ASLAN 2021.

It can also be downloaded directly from this link: Virtualización y gestión de endpoints para apoyar al sector Education.

Soon we’ll publish this white paper in English and Italian, so stay tuned!

For more information on the technological alliance between Praim and Virtual Cable consult this article on our blog (in English).



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