VDI with UDS, NodeWeaver & Packet at OpenNebulaConf

by | Oct 15, 2019

As every year, UDS Enterprise will be present at the annual OpenNebula event. Our software is the only VDI and vApp connection broker certified as OpenNebula Ready and capable of publishing virtual desktops on this cloud orchestrator, one of the reasons why it always stars at one of the presentations in this conference.

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On this occasion, our technology partner NodeWeaver will offer a talk where the possibilities and advantages of our VDI broker will be explained. Lorenzo Faleschini, CTO of the hyperconvergence firm, will disclose how to build a cloud VDI infrastructure with NodeWeaver, Packet & UDS Enterprise.

He will dismiss the idea that desktop virtualization requires large, complex and expensive infrastructure. He will explain how OpenNebula allows any user to create a private cloud to provide VDI services in a very simple way. Faleschini will show how with NodeWeaver and UDS Enterprise you can create platforms of any scale in a matter of minutes, using a GitLab tree and Packet as an implementation platform. All this with a high degree of automation, using a few lines of code.

OpenNebulaConf 2019 will be held next week in Barcelona. The presentation “A Cloud VDI Infrastructure in just 30 minutes with NodeWeaver, Packet & UDS Enterprise” will take place on Tuesday 22 at 12:45 PM.

For more information, visit the official website of the event.



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