Velorcios Group develops the Virtualized IT Classroom with UDS

by | Mar 3, 2021

Our trusted Gold Partner Velorcios Group has developed an important project for educational centers to continue teaching normally despite the sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic. Its Virtualized IT Classrooms have been created to solve the difficulties arising from the closure of conventional IT classrooms or the limitation of the use of many of their devices to guarantee the safety distance. It is a VDI platform based on UDS Enterprise technology for teachers to impart their lessons online .

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To facilitate its adoption and make the change from the physical to the virtual environment as smooth as possible, Velorcios Group has designed a solution in the cloud as similar as possible to the classrooms of schools and universities students and teachers used until now. The great advantage is that there are no time or location limitations to using them.

Each student has a virtual desktop where he has installed all the software he needs for each subject. The teacher also has his own VDI, which has a tool with which he can share his screen and monitor the students’ desktops to know what they are doing at all times. He can even take control of it to write, manage the installed programs, and answer individually their questions or correct exercises in real-time.

UDS Enterprise is the software through which Windows or Linux virtual desktops are managed, deployed, and accessed. The educational center transfers each course’s specific needs to the Velorcios specialists, and they are in charge of configuring the templates of the virtual desktops in the UDS Enterprise administration. This connection broker generates the virtual desktops on-demand always to be available when students and teachers need them.

These Virtualized IT Classrooms cover all the needs at the academic level, and the solution is totally transparent for both teachers and students. They can access anywhere, anytime, and with any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone…). They have to enter the URL of the service in a web browser and type in their username and password. Immediately, UDS Enterprise shows them a dedicated virtual desktop with all the applications and programs they need for each subject.

The benefits for educational organizations are innumerable. This VDI solution opens the door to online teaching, offering greater flexibility to their current students while allowing them to multiply the number of students and offer courses all over the world. It ensures the security of all connections and a 100% reliable environment that complies with all GDPR measures. Besides, each center can implement its own security policies. Cost savings is one of the most valued benefits. As it is a cloud solution, it is unnecessary to invest in devices, and you only pay for the real-time used.

The configuration and start-up of this innovative service is immediate. For more information about these classrooms based on the UDS Enterprise VDI technology, you can contact Velorcios Group by filling out the form that appears on its website.



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