Virtual Cable and Academic Software join forces to offer secure and sustainable eLearning solutions

by | Nov 22, 2022

Academic Software and Virtual Cable are delighted to announce their technological alliance to provide 24x7 secure access, from any place and device to all the learning tools from a single platform. The companies have announced their collaboration on the day SIMO Education licks off, the International Exhibition of Educational Technology and Innovation at IFEMA Madrid.
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Virtual Cable, a pioneering company in the development of open source-based VDI solutions, and Academic Software, a global leader in supported licensing and deployment solutions for education, today announced that they are working together to deliver secure and sustainable eLearning solutions that let educational organizations centralize the access to all their teaching software and applications.This new partnership is aimed at helping educational organizations of all types and sizes – schools, universities, academies, institutes, reseach centers – enable a hybrid eLearning environment, with direct access to virtual desktops, applications and remote access to physical devices thanks to the integration of the UDS Education solution developed by Virtual Cable into the Academic Software platform.
By incorporating UDS Education within the Academic Software platform, staff, students, educators and researchers have a one-stop solution for all their digital needs, including integrated and automated licence distribution, virtualisation, deployment, reporting and cost management. For the user there is flexibility and simplicity – no longer needing to use different platforms to access the tools they need with any device. Everything, including virtualised tools, applications and remote access to physical devices, is available on the platform, with one click. IT staff can be reassured that everything is integrated and duly secured, including end-user support for each individual user. And university management improves its sustainability and also benefits from having a clear view of IT costs and licence usage.

Co-founder of Academic Software, Pieter Barremaecker said:

“Many universities are looking for a hybrid solution to bring all kinds of applications to their end users, including but not only, via virtualization on servers owned by the universities themselves. Thanks to our partnership with Virtual Cable we are able to offer the most secure and cost-effective way of providing virtual applications to users within education. The seamless integration of UDS Education within Academic Software strengthens our solution, making sure that each end user – whether they are a staff member, student, educator or researcher – can use any kind of application they need via one platform, and without security and cost headaches for the university.”

 Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable, stated:

 “Our technological alliance with Academic Software is part of our actions with leading manufacturers and companies to offer the best solutions to our clients. This collaboration is key for educational organizations to create fully customized eLearning platforms, including all the software catalogue supplied by Academic Software, and Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications thanks to our UDS Education solution functionalities. They can even enable access to Windows, Linux and macOS computers located in their facilities, getting the most out of devices and the licences installed on them. It provides a secure, flexible and user-friendly mobile solution suitable for all user profiles in educational centers, essential now at this time when eLearning has become the norm.”



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