Virtual Cable announces its new UDS DaaS Partner type at Madrid Tech Show

by | Oct 27, 2022

Virtual Cable, developer of the VDI UDS Enterprise software, has made important announcements during its participation in the Cloud Expo Europe area of the Madrid Tech Show.
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In addition to the presentation of his new cloud solutions optimized for the leading manufacturers in the market – UDS Cloud on AWS and UDS Cloud on Azure – the company has announced interesting news for the channel.The Madrid-based technology company has presented its new UDS DaaS Partner type. This new partnership model is designed for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and integrators that have a private cloud to offer virtual desktops as a service (DaaS) to their customers.
UDS DaaS Partners will be duly certified to market the pay-per-use version of UDS Enterprise and thus benefit from all the advantages of incorporating this Virtual Cable software into their portfolio of managed solutions. They will be able to deliver fully customized Windows and Linux virtual desktops to their clients, which will allow them to implement hybrid work infrastructures that improve the cybersecurity and sustainability of their organization, while obtaining significant cost savings. Your employees will have 24×7 access, from any place and device, to their work tools with total security.

This Virtual Cable VDI solution has been designed for all types of sectors. In the case of SMEs, it should be noted that UDS DaaS meets the requirements of the Digital Kit for Virtual Office and Cybersecurity, so that UDS DaaS Partners can market a very competitive solution that is completely adapted to the needs of self-employed, small and medium-sized companies.

The launch of this new figure has been very well received by the channel. Currently Virtual Cable has signed UDS DaaS Partner agreements with companies such as Data Recovery, Velorcios either IR Soluciones, and is in advanced negotiations with other major ISPs with whom it is expected that they will close agreements soon, so that more and more integrators can offer UDS Enterprise in a desktop model as a service.




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