“Digital transformation is key to economic activity”

by | Mar 7, 2022

The economic information newspaper El Nuevo Lunes turns 41 years. To commemorate this date, a special edition has been published this week, which includes a discussion about which should be the priorities of the Government's economic policy to help companies improve productivity and competitiveness in foreign markets.

They have collected the considerations of the central Government members, parliamentary spokespeople of the different parties, regional presidents, representatives of economic and social organizations, and important companies from all sectors. The CEO of Virtual Cable, Félix Casado, has been one of the personalities invited to offer his opinion. His words are reproduced below:

Covid-19 has completely changed our society and the way of working. It has placed the focus on the need for economic activity not to be interrupted for reasons beyond the control of companies. It is necessary to promote the digital transformation of all organizations to achieve this. This fact must be reflected in the Government’s economic policy, supporting the Spanish business network so that it continues to gain in competitiveness and face any challenge that the future may bring.

Recent events, such as the forced adoption of remote working or the continuous increase in malware attacks, have guided organizations of all kinds, both public and private, towards the modernization and integration of new IT solutions that guarantee that workplaces are accessible from anywhere in the world safely. This is the case of desktop and application virtualization technology, as well as remote access to computers located in offices. It is essential that institutions support software manufacturers to create new services and improve our solutions so that we can continue helping our clients keep the continuity and security of their businesses.

The Next Generation EU funds aim to create a more sustainable, digital, and resilient Europe. These values are an example of what the economic policy of Spain must contemplate.

You can consult the complete special edition of El Nuevo Lunes here (in Spanish). Félix Casado’s speech can be found on page 68.



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