The Huelva Provincial Council, national award in cybersecurity for its secure hybrid work model with UDS Government

by | Feb 20, 2024

This recognition highlights the intrinsic security of Virtual Cable's digital workplace solutions and positions the public organization at the forefront of innovation.
SOCINFO Awards. Virtual Cable and Diputación de Huelva receive the award.

Recognition for digital innovation and security: Diputación de Huelva highlighted in the SOCINFO awards

The Huelva Provincial Council has been awarded the prestigious SOCINFO Digital Cybersecurity Government Awards in the category of Cybersecurity in Applications. This recognition is clear evidence of the exceptional secure hybrid work system they have implemented using our digital workplace solution optimized for Public Administration UDS Government.

The award, presented by the renowned magazine ‘Digital Information Society’, highlights the commitment of the Provincial Council of Huelva to technological innovation and the security of its operations. Its secure remote working system has been praised for its ability to ensure accessibility to staff’s work from anywhere and on any device, while maintaining high data protection standards.

Innovation and security in remote work: the success of the Diputación de Huelva with UDS Enterprise technology

Innovasur, our Gold Partner in charge of the project, has played a fundamental role in the successful implementation of this solution. Their experience and commitment were key to carrying out this initiative quickly, efficiently and personalized, demonstrating once again the value of our partner network in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Felipe Arias Palma, vice president of New Technologies of the Provincial Council, had the honor of receiving this prestigious award from Ricardo Mate Salgado, General Director of Sophos. In his words, Arias highlighted that this recognition “values the work of the area and places us at the technological forefront as an administration.”

The remote work model implemented by the Huelva Provincial Council is characterized by its focus on information security and adaptability to staff needs. With their implementation, they avoid problems derived from the use of personal devices by employees, while preventing possible cyberattacks.

Using UDS Enterprise desktop virtualization and vApp technology, developed by Virtual Cable, they have managed to encrypt all information end-to-end and ensure that sensitive data never leaves the organization. In this way, they are able to guarantee the security of the data handled by the employees of the Provincial Council itself and the town councils throughout the province.

Additionally, this solution provides transparency for users, eliminating the need for a learning period and allowing for quick deployment of services. This was especially essential during the pandemic, where teleworking became a fundamental part of daily operations.

For more information, read the case study of the Huelva Provincial Council here.

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