IaaS365 achieves the Gold certification with UDS Enterprise VDI

by | Nov 10, 2021

One of the key principles of IaaS365 is to bring new technologies to companies, which make a difference with the most common solutions on the market. This Spanish IT services company provides global, strategic, and innovative technological solutions, among which is desktop virtualization. In this field, it has completed its portfolio with UDS Enterprise. "We needed a VDI solution that would offer added value to our customers, and that would fit in to incorporate it as a service within our hybrid cloud," explains Fernando Calvo, the company's Business Development Manager.

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Following their philosophy of achieving maximum excellence and quality of their services, they decided to attend technical and commercial training to acquire full product knowledge and reach the highest level of partnership. “We consider ourselves part of the team of each of the clients who trust us and having the highest certifications is important so that they know that they are in the best hands, both at a technical level, as well as sales and after-sales support. That is precisely why we have become UDS Enterprise Gold Partner, to guarantee the best service with this VDI software,” says Calvo.IaaS365 markets UDS Enterprise both in on-premise and cloud models, which allows them to design a tailored solution for each project. Thanks to this software, they can provide remote access to both physical or virtual machines, and virtual desktops and applications 24×7, from any place and device. “We can accommodate the solution to the specific scenario of each client. We can install it on their company’s servers or provide them with desktop as a service (DaaS). In that case, we offer virtual desktops or virtualized applications in a pay-per-use model, eliminating investment in hardware and licenses,” tells the BDM.Their commitment to this technology allows them to respond to the new IT needs arising from the current health situation. “After the toughest months of the pandemic, many companies are carrying out firm strategies for virtual desktops and applications, since many patches were applied at first. When we detect these needs, having solutions such as UDS Enterprise allows us to cover those requirements with the best guarantee,” he comments.

The high number of proofs of concept they are working on, the opportunities they have closed, and the feedback they receive from customers confirm that UDS Enterprise is the perfect VDI solution to complete their portfolio. “They highly value the quality/price of the tool because they have an enterprise product with excellent economic conditions. In addition, the cost in the subscription or pay-per-use model makes the product more attractive and affordable compared to other VDI solutions,” he says.

Added to these benefits are those of a virtual desktop environment, such as flexibility or the ability to automate the administration and deployment of virtual desktops and applications. And those specific to UDS Enterprise, among which the possibility of enabling secure access over multiple hypervisors, authenticators, and connection protocols to run simultaneously stands out.

Aware and sure of the fundamental role that VDI technology will play in the digital transformation and innovation plans of organizations of all types and sizes, IaaS365’s commitment to UDS Enterprise is more than firm. “Our adhesion to the UDS Enterprise Gold Partner channel responds to a business plan on UDS Enterprise technology, with which IaaS365 intends to become a fundamental evangelizer of it among the Spanish business world,” concludes Calvo.

If your organization also wants to benefit from the advantages of commercializing UDS Enterprise VDI, check the conditions to join the partner channel by writing to [email protected]



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