Digital Workplace: 6 keys to boost the success of the IT channel in 2024

by | Feb 14, 2024

The demand for workplace virtualization solutions and the search for reliable and innovative alternatives open up new growth opportunities for resellers this year.
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Adaptation and flexibility: responding to market needs with virtualization solutions

The growing demand for workplace virtualization solutions is shaping the current business landscape. This trend addresses various enterprise needs, from ensuring business continuity to improving security and user experience. Workplace digitization has also become a crucial component for attracting and retaining international talent, as it enables companies to offer flexible and accessible work environments from any location.

In addition to meeting the need for implementing such infrastructures, IT integrators currently face the challenge of meeting the demands of clients seeking alternatives to their current solutions. Uncertainty and loss of trust in traditional providers are driving companies to explore new options that offer more efficient, open, and cost-effective solutions capable of agilely adapting to changing market needs and providing a higher return on investment.

Strategies for success: innovation and collaboration in the IT ecosystem

Considering the context of the sector, the Spanish company Virtual Cable positions itself as a strategic ally for partners. The developer of UDS Enterprise shares the 6 essential keys for IT channel companies to boost their growth by taking advantage of the opportunities presented in the field of digital workplace in 2024:

  • Offering secure solutions: In a dynamic and competitive business environment, the security of the solutions offered is a fundamental pillar to meet customer needs. Virtual Cable offers VDI solutions that meet the most demanding standards. With UDS Enterprise, customers ensure the security of their data and can stop worrying about where employees connect from, the Wi-Fi network they use, devices, lack of awareness, and of course, cyberattacks targeting the workplace.
  • Providing reliable and stable alternatives: At a time when some of the more traditional desktop and application virtualization solution manufacturers are experiencing uncertainty and changes, having reliable alternatives like UDS Enterprise is essential to maintain and expand business opportunities. With over 12 years of experience and a retention rate of over 99%, Virtual Cable offers technically advanced solutions tested in over 110 countries.
  • Active listening and adaptation: Active listening and adaptation to partner needs are fundamental values for Virtual Cable. This company is committed to maintaining open communication with its distributors. Thus, they can adapt their solutions to customer needs and their partnership conditions to channel requirements, to offer greater competitive advantages to their international reseller network.
  • Training and certifications: Knowledge and training are key elements to providing quality service. Therefore, Virtual Cable offers training and certification programs for its channel partners. These certifications will help them solve their customers’ issues more efficiently and position themselves as specialists in workplace virtualization.
  • Collaboration with wholesalers: Working through wholesalers offers a series of additional advantages, such as financing, technical, and commercial support. Virtual Cable facilitates this collaboration, allowing its partners to make the most of these benefits to offer an even more comprehensive and competitive service to their customers.
  • Innovation and adoption of emerging technologies: Staying at the forefront of innovation and collaborating with providers adopting emerging technologies like artificial intelligence provides the opportunity to differentiate and offer innovative solutions. Virtual Cable has recently been recognized as an IDC Innovator in Virtual Client Computing worldwide. This achievement distinguishes the company as one of the most pioneering manufacturers in its field, for developing an open and sustainable solution that combines desktop virtualization, virtualized applications, and remote access to physical devices from a single console.

In a constantly changing business world, strategic collaboration becomes crucial to achieving success. Virtual Cable, with its commitment to innovation and comprehensive support for its partners, positions itself as a solid ally in the workplace virtualization landscape. With a focus on customer needs and a vision for the future, Virtual Cable offers not only advanced technological solutions for the digital workplace but also a partnership that drives growth and excellence in the IT channel.



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