ICL Services presents UDS Enterprise at ITSF Club 2021 in Russia

by | Sep 20, 2021

Our trusted Silver Partner in Russia, ICL Services, presented its VDI solution based on UDS Enterprise at an important event held at the end of June in Kazan. ITSF Club 2021 brought together leading IT experts and professionals from the Russian market to discuss the latest trends in information security, digital transformation, innovation, and strategic business initiatives.

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For this technological event, ICL Services designed a specific booth to publicize the functionalities and advantages of UDS Enterprise, the popular connection broker for desktop virtualization, virtual applications, and remote access to physical and virtual devices.Those attending the event showed great interest in the environment created by ICL Services. A complete platform that included different backends, such as:

  • Proxmox PVE – To show how to deploy groups of non-persistent guest virtual machines with Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • OpenNebula – To reveal how to implement persistent VMs with Linux and Windows.
  • VMware ESXi – To explain how to configure non-persistent VM pools with Windows and Windows RDS.
  • Infrastructure services – To make demos with OpenVPN server, AD, nginx, etc.
  • Windows OS laptop – Users could check how the connection is made to a physical corporate PC located in the office or at home.

They also made an attractive selection of devices of all kinds available to attendees. Access to different services managed and deployed by UDS Enterprise could be made from all of them:

  • Thin client PC with Astra Linux OS – Used as a public VDI point in kiosk mode, with IP authentication.
  • All-in-one PC with Astra Linux OS – Used as a corporate workstation, with Active Directory (AD) integrated to validate user access.
  • Samsung Galaxy 10 Smartphone (With DEX and MDM DM Safe Phone installed) with a dock station, monitor, keyboard, and mouse – Used as a personal device (BYOD) to access business resources via VDI with VPN to remotely connect to corporate or personal static computers.
  • Android Tablet: Samsung Tab S7 (With DEX and MDM Safe Phone installed) with a dock station, monitor, keyboard, and mouse – Configured as a mobile workstation to access corporate VDI resources.

Among the features and functionalities of UDS Enterprise, the ones that most caught the attention of the attendees were the integration with AD, IP authentication, and the possibility of enabling different virtualization platforms, connection protocols, and authentication systems to run simultaneously.

The ICL Services team also highlighted the inquiries received about the possibility of accessing persistent and non-persistent machines with different types of operating systems, using various devices in kiosk mode, with standard OS, mobile terminals…

All the exposed use scenarios generated great interest. From the use of corporate PCs, to mobile business environments, BYOD, or public workstations.

The way in which UDS Enterprise manages the life cycle of all the resources of the VDI and vApp platforms surprised by its efficiency and its high level of automation.

Other things that created a lot of acceptance were the ability to use VDI with USB connected to end-user devices, streaming audio, the option to create a desktop virtualization environment to work with 3D graphics, and multi-authentication and double factor authentication support.

After the success of this event, ICL Services will adjust its VDI environment with UDS Enterprise to adapt it to the clients’ needs and requirements. Its objective is to help organizations of any sector, type, and size to achieve their goals in a more productive and cost-effective way.



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