IDC recognizes the innovation of Jaen Provincial Council

by | Jan 30, 2020

The third vice president of Jaen Provincial Council and deputy of e-Government and Internal Regime, Africa Colomo, was “more than satisfied that the Provincial Council has been a finalist in the IDC Research Spain Awards to the innovative company 2020 as consequence of the adoption of the UDS Enterprise application virtualization software ”.

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As explained by the Provincial Council in a statement, the recognition obtained is based on the UDS Enterprise vApp broker, a software “through which we provide technological tools to the 97 municipalities in the province and to 40 remote offices scattered throughout the province”. This digital tool “involves the virtualization of applications to be implemented in the workplaces, which allows employees to work anywhere and using any device that has a browser, which makes us be a much more accessible administration, first of all for our workers and also for the municipalities and citizens of the province”.The use of this technology helps achieving significant savings of time and resources, since it prevents specialists from having to travel around the more than 13,000 km² throughout the province to keep all workplaces updated. By simply accessing their UDS Enterprise administration dashboard through a web browser, the technical staff monitors in real time the activity of about 850 users and the status of the 38 applications that are available to perform all kinds of administrative procedures, such as managing community social services or electronic processing. In this way they have a greater control of their IT infrastructure, anticipating possible issues and solving any inconvenience quickly, easily and, above all, highly efficiently.
In addition, thanks to UDS Enterprise they have managed to standardize the workplaces of their 137 municipalities and delegations without the need to provide any training to employees, since the user experience for the applications is the same as with a traditional software, with the advantage that it is possible to access them at any time, from any location and device.

Since they launched this project, the number of users continues to increase monthly, because due to the modernization of the administrations in the province of Jaen, more and more employees need access to virtualized applications. Unlike other VDI and vApp brokers, with UDS Enterprise they have no difficulty in scaling the platform to serve more users as they need it. At a technical level resources can be increased quickly and easily. As for the economic level, in the case of this agency does not involve any extra cost, since they have a unlimited user subscription . This allows them to have a tight control of the costs of the project, avoiding hidden expenses as the number of employees who use it increases. Moreover, the more people use of the platform, the cheaper it is thanks to the flat rate from 351 users.

IDC Innovative Company Awards 2020

The IDC Research Spain Innovative Company Awards 2020 were the final touch of the 20th anniversary celebration of this research and consulting company and their Futurescape 2020 event, where they announced their technological predictions for the coming years.

This are the first awards granted in our country by a market research firm to the innovation of the decade. “We have been pleasantly surprised by the level of involvement of companies in these awards and the quality of the applications received in the 4 categories,” explained from IDC.
More than 100 Spanish companies and organizations decided to participate in this event, in which the Jaen Provincial Council emerged as finalist in the category of Workplace Transformation** together with Grupo Día and Calidad Pascual.

The event, where the technological innovation policy of the Jaen Provincial Council and the search for greater accessibility were praised, was attended by Jesús Dorado, Head of the Technical Architecture System of the Jaen Provincial Council and José Fernando Ocaña, Network and Systems Analyst of the Jaen Provincial Council. For this government administration, this recognition is a motivation to perservere in their “ambitious process of digital transformation with which we intend to become a more innovative, close and accessible administration,” said Africa Colomo.

For more information on the vApp project of the Jaen Provincial Council see our Case Study.

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