Ingram Micro to distribute UDS Enterprise, driving workplace virtualization

by | Jul 5, 2023

Virtual Cable has reached an agreement with Ingram Micro, making them a distributor of their software for desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and remote access.
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Ingram Micro and Virtual Cable join forces to revolutionize workplace virtualization

Ingram Micro, the world’s leading distributor of IT services and solutions, has entered into a collaboration agreement with Virtual Cable to begin distributing the UDS Enterprise solution, which enables fully customized workplace virtualization.

This agreement will make Ingram Micro a distributor of this innovative software, creating a workplace virtualization platform known for providing secure 24/7 access from anywhere and any device. UDS Enterprise allows for the consolidation of Windows and Linux desktops and applications into a single virtualization console, with the added capability of remote access to devices running these operating systems and macOS. “With UDS Enterprise, companies can manage their IT assets from a single location, regardless of the underlying operating system. This is particularly useful in environments where different vendor solutions coexist, which were previously almost incompatible,” explains Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable. “And everything happens in the cloud, the environment on which more and more companies rely on a daily basis,” he adds.

UDS Enterprise: The personalized virtualization solution that transforms the way you work

UDS Enterprise is based on open source technology, ensuring compatibility with any third-party technology. Additionally, it adapts to any on-premises or cloud-based platform, whether public, private, hybrid, or multicloud. It even allows for the combination of multiple environments simultaneously through its automatic and intelligent overflow capabilities. “This optimizes performance and efficiency in a single subscription, enabling companies to work remotely regardless of the diversity of solutions they use. This is essential in a time when digitalization takes on many forms across various sectors, businesses, and individuals,” emphasizes Casado.

As a distributor of UDS Enterprise, Ingram Micro will offer its customers the opportunity to implement this solution in their environments, enabling more functional, fast, ubiquitous, and easy-to-manage virtualization. “We believe this is a step forward in facilitating businesses’ migration to the cloud, where efficiency and capabilities to grow and compete have been proven,” notes Martín Grullas, Director of Advanced Solutions at Ingram Micro.

UDS Enterprise is a platform developed by Virtual Cable, a company with over 30 years of experience in digitally transforming workstations through customized VDI solutions for each sector. The goal and result are to provide a user experience tailored to the needs of each role and moment, taking into account the unique characteristics of each team member through the deployment of virtual desktops and applications. This allows for operational diversification from any location and the configuration of personalized environments for each professional and specific business situation.



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