InnovaSur reaffirms its commitment to UDS as new Gold Partner

by | Nov 18, 2020

InnovaSur is a leading company in information and communications technology, which has created a name for itself in the Spanish market thanks to its extensive experience in the detection of needs and implementation of smart solutions, services and infrastructures that help its clients take advantage of existing resources, learn new processes and create innovative projects. UDS Enterprise is its flagship for remote working.

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“We decided to bet on UDS Enterprise for being a reliable and robust solution, we are recommending it to all customers who want to make the leap to desktop and application virtualization, as well as those who need to enable remote access to the computers located in their offices,” explains Juan José Prieto, CEO of InnovaSur.The high technical qualification of its staff is one of the hallmarks of this company. That’s why they have decided to join the UDS Enterprise Gold Partners channel. The InnovaSur team has received exhaustive training that endorses their skills to assist clients throughout the UDS Enterprise implementation process, from the design of the architecture to the launch of the platform, passing through the installation, the technical adjustments that guarantee optimum performance or the application of specific configurations for each project. And of course they are properly trained to provide first-level technical support, as well as to provide virtual desktops as a service (DaaS).
One of the short-term goals of this company is to offer virtual desktop services in the cloud. “We believe that UDS Enterprise will be essential for the growth of our cloud services business. Becoming a Gold Partner is the way to indicate to both the UDS Enterprise team and our clients our firm commitment to this solution,” says Prieto.

The choice of this product as the cornerstone of their DaaS service is framed within well-studied criteria. “We know quite well its high degree of versatility, its simplicity of integration and above all its price. In order to offer cloud desktop services we need costs to be competitive and UDS Enterprise’s undoubtedly are,” mentions the CEO.

At the moment, they are offering UDS Enterprise on premise and, according to Prieto, they are verifying that “UDS Enterprise has become the leading product to implement remote working“.

With the outbreak of the health crisis, in March all companies had to accelerate their digital transformation and adopt urgent measures to let their professionals work from home. “We implemented urgent solutions in more than 200 companies and public administrations so that they could work remotely in less than 48 hours, based on secure VPN connections through a new generation firewall. But once the initial moment of urgency has passed, we are working with customers to adopt VDI-based remote working solutions with UDS Enterprise. This technology allows setting up a stable and definitive solution, so that remote working doesn’t have to be just an urgent measure in view of a new lockdown period,” assures Prieto.

In addition to having an efficient and secure remote working solution, UDS Enterprise allows clients to take full advantage of all the benefits of desktop virtualization, such as centralized management and standardization of the workplaces, greater control of the IT infrastructure or cost savings in the renewal of IT equipment.

InnovaSur customers have already checked the benefits of this VDI solution. “All of our clients are delighted with UDS Enterprise. The change in accessing their desktops through a web browser makes it necessary to test the technology before acquiring it. But once we show them its full potential, they see its reliability and the productivity it adds to its staff, they do not hesitate to implement it,” states the CEO.

InnovaSur is currently working with more than 200 private companies and numerous public administrations. Its best cover letter are the personalized proofs of concept, with which customers see first-hand the advantages of desktops, application virtualization and remote access to computers with UDS Enterprise. “According to our forecasts, before the end of this year some of these organizations will join the list of clients of InnovaSur and UDS Enterprise,” concludes Prieto.

If you are interested in adding the UDS Enterprise VDI broker to your company’s portfolio of solutions, please get in touch with our commercial department at [email protected]



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