IR Soluciones obtains UDS Enterprise Gold Partner certification

by | Jan 14, 2021

With more than 18 years of experience in the IT sector, one of the hallmarks of IR Soluciones is their effort to evolve technologically and to acquire new knowledge to offer the most efficient solutions for each scenario. Following their corporate values, they have obtained the technical and commercial training required to become UDS Enterprise Gold Partner. Its professionals already have the appropriate capacities to advise on the best approach in VDI projects with UDS Enterprise, carry out the installation, optimize the infrastructure and provide first level support to its clients.

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Aware that desktop virtualization technology is booming and that organizations from all sectors are considering implementing it, they looked for a desktop as a service (DaaS) solution to be able to offer it to their customers and explore this growing market niche. “After analyzing and studying the different options for our VDI solution, we verified that UDS Enterprise DaaS is the one that best suits our needs. Furthermore, since our experience in these types of solutions was not as broad as we needed, we preferred to choose a broker that offered us the possibility of obtaining an interactive training,” explains Sara Berezo, Project Coordinator of the Systems Department at IR Solutions.The excellent value for money of the software, the personalized technical support service and the different VDI modalities adapted to the needs of each client were key aspects when they decided to incorporate UDS Enterprise into their portfolio. Likewise, “the Gold Partner course was decisive, it was a great training for the technicians, who had the opportunity to solve all their doubts about the installation and operation of the technology,” indicates Berezo.
IR Soluciones experts are already positioning UDS Enterprise in different opportunities. Among the benefits that VDI provides with this connection broker are “the reduction of hardware to a minimum, which implies a very important cost saving in physical equipment and in its maintenance. In addition, the virtual desktop as a service system ensures that the client will always have the latest technology at their disposal at no cost, since software updates are not at their own expense.”

Likewise, they emphasize another important advantage, especially useful for companies that plan to grow or that are going to experience fluctuations of workers: “The implementation of VDI allows the company to grow or vary its workforce easily, since the increase or the decrease in workplaces is done almost immediately and without major hardware or software investments by the customer.”

IR Soluciones also recommends the adoption of UDS Enterprise “in large companies that need to have a large secure technological infrastructure and for which maintenance they would need to make large economic investments.

This IT integrator has already deployed its first project with UDS Enterprise. “It is a client of the wine sector. We have received very good feedback, the workers have reported to us that they have not taken long to get used to the new work system and that they are satisfied with both the performance and the benefits,” assures Berezo.

For this newly released year 2021, they have set the objective of continuing to survey their client portfolio and the market in general to implement cutting-edge solutions, among which are the different VDI modalities with UDS Enterprise. “With our adhesion to the UDS Enterprise Gold Partner channel, we are able to provide more and more coverage to our clients and we have access to all UDS products in order to promote and implement them,” says the Project Coordinator of the Systems Department at IR Solutions.

As a Gold Partner, IR Soluciones can market all the on-premise and cloud versions of UDS Enterprise, the popular software for virtualization of desktops, applications and remote access to physical and virtual machines.

If your company is interested in enjoying the benefits of distributing this VDI technology, you can contact the Virtual Cable Commercial Department at: [email protected]



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