The key to differentiation in the IT Industry

by | Sep 1, 2023

UDS Enterprise by Virtual Cable helps partners lead the evolution of workspace virtualization in the ICT industry

In the dynamic and changing landscape of the ICT industry, adaptability and innovation are essential for partners seeking to stand out. The demand for virtualization and workplace digitalization solutions has experienced exponential growth in recent years.
In this context, Virtual Cable with its UDS Enterprise solution stands as a strategic ally for ICT channel integrators. This revolutionary VDI platform enables secure and flexible access to applications and software from any device, anywhere, anytime. It transforms the way organizations approach virtualization and the management of their IT resources, in a world where the need for secure, flexible, sustainable and efficient solutions that solve current and future challenges has become even more pressing.

An innovative solution for an evolving world

With UDS Enterprise, Virtual Cable partners have the ability to design personalized and highly competitive workplace virtualization projects to meet the needs of each client. The flexibility and versatility of the technology, along with its compatibility with any third-party software, allows for seamless integration with existing solutions. This unique integration gives them the opportunity to maximize profits and differentiate themselves in a constantly evolving market.

The key to success lies in differentiation, and that is precisely what Virtual Cable offers. “Our platform optimizes the digitalization of workspaces, ensuring efficiency, security and sustainability, supported by a marketing model based on subscriptions by user tranches that guarantees the viability of any project. Its open source base allows partners to position it alongside other technologies in their portfolio, creating solutions tailored to their clients,” explains Yolanda González, Commercial Manager at Virtual Cable.

Exclusive trainings for partners

Virtual Cable demonstrates its commitment to its partners by offering technical and commercial trainings for its partners. Flagship UDS Enterprise technical training provides professionals with the essential skills to effectively design, implement and maintain VDI environments. Lasting 16 hours and focusing on combining theory and practice in a real-world VDI environment, this training enables partners to provide a comprehensive service from conceptualization to first-level support.

Certifications that open doors

“Our certification program provides a seal of quality to partners, giving them recognition in the market,” explains Yolanda. The Platinum Partner distinction confirms obtaining the most advanced technical certifications, consolidating its expertise in Virtual Cable’s VDI solutions. The UDS Enterprise Certified Professional certification validates a technician’s ability to optimize client projects with UDS Enterprise. “Our qualified partners can offer proposals tailored to the unique needs of each organization, resulting in trust, customer satisfaction and opportunities to expand their business.”

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