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by | Jan 6, 2021

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The auditing company commercially known as Tasación Informática has reached an agreement with Virtual Cable to value UDS Enterprise, the popular software for desktop, application virtualization and remote access to physical and virtual devices.

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Motivated by the significant growth that UDS Enterprise has experienced in recent years, the prestigious firm Tasación Informática contacted Virtual Cable, the company developer of said software, to assess the product. After conducting an exhaustive analysis of the functionalities, clients, sector, competitors, differentiation, positioning, brand, regulation, and achievements, the IT experts have carried out an economic appraisal of UDS Enterprise’s business and technology.

“We were very interested in assessing the Virtual Cable solution as it is the Spanish VDI software developer with the greatest penetration in the market. We consider it important to analyze a solution of this type at present, due to the notable rise of this technology as a catalyst for the digital transformation of organizations to improve their efficiency, productivity and adapt to new demands derived from the pandemic. UDS Enterprise has made possible the adoption of desktop and application virtualization in many private, public companies and educational organizations. Thanks to this software, they have been able to guarantee the continuity of their business and training programs, implementing remote working systems and eLearning quickly and safely,” explains Luis Vilanova, CEO of Tasación Informática.

The experts in IT expertise highlight the excellent growth potential of both the product and the business generated by UDS Enterprise. “The product is accepted. It has managed to carve out an important niche in a market dominated by large multinationals, and its contribution of value to customers is on the rise. The growth forecasts are great since both internal and external factors are perfectly aligned to drive a positive evolution. Its functionalities and its marketing model make it a difficult solution to match. It has an extensive portfolio of loyal customers, as well as really substantial goodwill. Regarding external factors, it should be noted that the regulatory framework is in its favor and also the evolution of the sector, given that desktop virtualization has become a fundamental pillar for all verticals. IT managers have proven its great benefits, and for them, it has become an indispensable tool for managing their IT environments,” states Vilanova.

One of the expert’s report highlights is the optimal positioning of UDS Enterprise in the market. The CEO of Tasación Informática confirms that “we are facing an absolute benchmark in searches and news from its sector. Getting the attention of users and the media in a market as competitive as desktop virtualization, where large multinationals invest huge budgets in advertising, is not an easy task at all. The magnificent diffusion obtained is the result of the notoriety of the software and the excellent work carried out by Virtual Cable.”

Appraisal experts have carried out the economic valuation examining two different scenarios: pre-money and post-money . The first contemplates a conservative framework, considering only current customers and a traditional growth rate. Post-money evaluates the solution and the business it would generate if an investment is made that would allow it to grow at a higher rate. “We are facing an innovative asset with a great future, which offers a comprehensive solution to the stakeholders that make up the value chain. Its cutting-edge technology and know-how transferred to the product guarantee business growth over the next few years without apparent risk,” Vilanova assures.

Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable, is very satisfied and grateful that such an outstanding company as Tasación Informática is interested in UDS Enterprise. “For us, it is an honor that they have chosen our software as the benchmark for VDI technology. Their work allowed us to become aware of the value of the software we have developed and of all the work we have invested in positioning the product as one more option among the solutions created by the large multinationals.”

You can consult and download the full press release here.



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