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by | Jun 3, 2020

The RemotePC project with OpenGnsys and UDS Enterprise is one of the topics preselected by OpenExpo Europe to be included in the schedule of the leading business event in technological innovation, digital transformation and Open Source in Europe.

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This project, developed by the University of Seville in collaboration with VirtualCable, allows to provide remote access to the physical computers located in the ICT Classrooms of the University during non-school hours. This flexibility to access is possible thanks to two Open Source platforms: the application for the management and deployment of operating systems OpenGnsys and the connection broker for desktop and application virtualization UDS Enterprise.

The VDI broker is the software through which access schedules are defined and the connection to the devices is performed. Students just have to enter the UDS Enterprise URL in any device with a web browser. This software communicates with an OpenGnsys server through a Rest API to provide access to computers configured for remote use.

Once the student makes the connection request, OpenGnsys is responsible for starting the physical device located in the classroom, provided that the request is made within the time set for remote access. It is also responsible for turning off the computer once the student disconnects and closing the session when the time established for remote access ends.

The goal of this project is to get the maximum performance of the computers in the university centers, at the same time that more flexibility is offered to the students. They can use the educational resources during the hours the center is closed and from any place and device.

Final acceptance of all shortlisted proposals for OpenExpo Europe is in the hands of the Community through a voting system. The three most voted proposals will be automatically selected and the organization will choose a minimum of seven papers with more than five votes to be included in the program of the event.

We encourage you to vote for the RemotePC project so that European educational centers and organizations of all kinds can take advantage of the interesting possibilities of this initiative.

You can vote for this project here.

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For more information on the integration of the VDI broker UDS Enterprise with OpenGnsys, contact our team through [email protected]



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