UDS Enterprise in the RedIRIS Working Groups

by | Dec 19, 2018

During the presentation made by Irina Gómez in the 46th edition of the RedIRIS Working Groups, besides explaining all the improvements introduced in OpenGnsys 1.1.0a maintenace release, Programmer of the Computing Center of the ETS of Computer Engineering of the University of Seville (US), took a stock of the I OpenGnsys Conference.

Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

As evaulated by Irina Gómez, this conference, sponsored by VirtualCable and held in Malaga last June, was “a success”. There were 67 attendees from 21 different entities, whose feedback was “very positive“.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the new features and functionalities of OpenGnsys, participate in interesting hands-on workshops and share experiences and best practices with the physical equipment orchestrator.

In addition, a round table was held in which cases of use were exposed and also a session on collaborating companies. Gómez explained that in this session “the collaboration of VirtualCable with OpenGnsys” was highlighted, as well as the main features and functionalities of UDS Enterprise**, the VDI and vApp connection broker developed and supported by this company.

During the first edition of this event, UDS Enterprise gained special prominence, since full technical demos were made of two projects that have this connection broker as an essential component: the Remote PC project with OpenGnsys, developed by the University of Seville and the VDI integration in Moodle, developed by the University of Málaga.

The programmer of the US concluded that the organization is “very satisfied with the conference” and showed the intention of incorporating into the project the new features and improvements requested by the user community during the event.



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