New UDS Gold Partner: New Media Professional Services

by | Aug 9, 2020

New Media Professional Services has been providing its customers for more than 15 years with the most innovative and strategic technologies in the market. One of them is UDS Enterprise. “This software has made us fall in love. A client introduced it to us several years ago and now we have focused 100% on its commercialization. Covid-19 has triggered the needs for remote working solutions, so currently UDS Enterprise is one of the technological pillars of New Media,” says José Pardo, Technical Manager at New Media Professional Services. This company has materialized its commitment to this VDI broker by becoming UDS Enterprise Gold Partner.

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Joining the highest level of partnership has allowed them to access exclusive technical trainings given by the UDS Enterprise team of experts. New Media professionals already have extensive knowledge of the software and have the necessary skills to advise, perform PoCs, installations and provide first-level support with full guarantees to organizations of any sector and size.

The New Media team has an infrastructure prepared to show all the possibilities that the software offers in a practical and personalized way. “We have deployed a test environment accessible to all of our customers with scenarios similar to theirs, and they are showing a lot of interest. We are working on many opportunities for VDI projects with more than 500 users, and we are getting very good feelings, we hope to obtain great results before the end of the year,” mentions Pardo.

The flexibility of UDS Enterprise was one of the key features that made them bet on this software as the perfect VDI and vApp tool for their customers. “They generally use products like eDirectory, ZENworks, OES, and SUSE. UDS Enterprise integrates perfectly with all of them, providing a very powerful solution at an unbeatable price,” comments the Technical Manager.

Compatibility with all kinds of technological solutions joins the freedom offered by this VDI broker when choosing the components that IT administrators want to use in their infrastructure. “We have seen that many customers have been imposed solutions that they did not want because they needed a VDI solution and this has increased both costs and the impact on the IT department exponentially,” indicates the IT specialist.

The open nature of UDS Enterprise and its marketing model through subscriptions by number of users, with a flat rate starting at 351, differentiates it from the rest of the solutions. “It is an Open Source solution that can be fully adapted to the technical and economic requirements of each project. For this reason, it fits perfectly with the business model of our company and our clients,” explains Pardo.

New Media advises the adoption of this solution to any organization willing to implement remote working or benefit from the advantages of desktop and application virtualization. “There are really few scenarios in which UDS Enterprise is not recommended. But without a doubt, in environments with a multiplatform ecosystem and with a volume of users above 351, the technological solution and the flat rate of UDS Enterprise are really interesting,” he concludes.

As a UDS Enterprise Gold Partner, the New Media team is perfectly qualified to assist clients throughout the entire life cycle of their VDI systems with UDS Enterprise, collaborating with them from the architectural planning and design stage to deployment and exploitation. As an important added value, they also offer fully customized 24x7x365 support.

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