Unified Cloud Services acquires UDS Enterprise Gold Partner status

by | May 18, 2021

Unified Cloud Services (UCS) is an IT services company specialized in the virtual workplace and in data center technologies. After a long career working with different solutions, among which was UDS Enterprise, now they have decided to consolidate their commitment to this software by becoming Gold Partners. "As a company dedicated almost exclusively to the workplace, it is our obligation to have the highest level of specialization in our solutions to offer the best possible service to our customers," says Mario Monge, CEO of UCS.

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After completing the technical and commercial training given by UDS Enterprise experts, the team of this organization has already acquired the necessary skills to successfully accompany its clients throughout the entire implementation process of UDS Enterprise. They are also perfectly qualified to offer first-level support and advise on the design of the architecture that best suits the needs of each project.

UDS Enterprise’s differentiation from other similar solutions on the market was vital when UCS considered incorporating this technology into its portfolio. “The administration and management of this software are simple and intuitive. It allows us to offer a complete and flexible solution that we can fit into different use cases, as it quickly solves the needs of organizations by setting up virtualization and remote access environments efficiently and securely” Monge points out.

They are presenting UDS Enterprise to their client portfolio, and “the feedback is positive. As main benefits and advantages, we emphasize that it solves mobility and security challenges. We also highlight that it integrates with a multitude of technologies, offering the freedom to choose the most suitable technologies at all times, and its excellent price-functionality ratio“, states the UCS CEO.

The core business of UCS are DaaS services (Desktop as a Service) and cloud virtual desktops. UDS Enterprise is already part of their proposal in these areas. In addition, it has helped them expand their offering, since thanks to the versatility of this technology, they can now provide on-premises Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications, as well as remote access to physical and virtual machines.

Regarding the type of clients to whom they recommend UDS Enterprise, they explain that “there are different scenarios where the implementation of this software is highly advisable, mainly in the educational sector, student workstations are susceptible to be virtualized with UDS Enterprise.”

The first project they have formalized with this software has been in an educational center, specifically at the University of Zaragoza. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, as they report in this case study, its more than 30,000 students can remotely use the computers located on campus at any time and through any device.

UCS specialists are already immersed in another pilot with UDS Enterprise, hoping to close with a multi-year commitment from the client. It is part of their expectations for this year 2021. “Our business forecasts continue to be of strong growth. Today our service is in high demand, and we are sure that we can grow together with UDS Enterprise in new clients and begin the migration of our already installed base”, concludes Mario Monge.

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