vApp project with UDS in Badajoz, in the final of the @asLAN Awards

by | Feb 21, 2020

The two projects with the UDS Enterprise connection broker nominated at @asLAN Awards for Projects in Public Administration have entered the final phase. Yesterday we announced that the Virtual Desktop for Special Education Project with UDS Enterprise developed by the University of Murcia is eligible for the award in the category “Bridging the digital divide and sustainability”. Today we are pleased to announce that our application virtualization project in the Badajoz Provincial Council is also a finalist of this event, in this case in the category “Optimization and simplification of digital infrastructures”.

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XII @asLAN Awards to Public Administrations and Organizations aims to publicly recognize successful experiences in the Spanish Public Administration in the application and use of ICT, as well as the initiative and effort of their leaders.

The vApp project with UDS Enterprise in the Badajoz Provincial Council has entered the final phase because it is one of the best Case Studies of Digital Transformation in the public sector. With their votes, the Associated Companies to @asLAN and the Commission on Relationships with Public Administrations, have selected this project as finalist among the 65 Case Studies presented by more than 54 companies and public organizations.

As explained by the organization, “the projects selected as finalists stand out for having contributed to developing new services, improving efficiency and reducing costs in Public Administrations.” Thanks to the adoption of application virtualization with UDS Enterprise, the Badajoz Provincial Council has successfully implemented electronic administration in the province, offering new services to citizens.

The efficiency of the IT team has significantly been improved, since now the management and maintenance of software is done in a centralized way. Before, the IT team had to physically move to the 180 local entities and 120 remote offices to configure new devices, perform any updating and maintenance work on the computer equipment. In addition, they have managed to standardize all workstations, store the data in the same location improving the security of sensitive information and anticipate possible issues by monitoring user activity.

The cost reduction has been achieved, on the one hand, by suppressing the displacements of the IT team and, on the other, thanks to the UDS Enterprise commercialization model. The Badajoz Provincial Council enjoys great savings thanks to their unlimited user subscription. From 351 users the price remains fixed, which allows to have an absolute control the costs of the project regardless of the number of users using the platform. Something essential for this organization, since the number of people using virtual applications with UDS Enterprise is increasing progressively.

All these singularities have favored that the project of the Badajoz Provincial Council is in the final of this contest. The winners of each category will be announced at the Grand Gala Dinner, which will be held on March 10 within the ASLAN2020 Congress program. This technological appointment will take place on the 10th and 11th of that same month at the Municipal Palace of Madrid (IFEMA).

All users registered on the @asLAN website can vote for this nomination at this link until next March 4th.

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