Virtual Cable: Award for the company with the most innovative solutions against climate change

by | Oct 21, 2022

Madrid Network held yesterday at the Hotel InterContinental Madrid the first edition of the Madrid Network Awards, which recognizes innovation and business excellence. Virtual Cable, the company behind UDS Enterprise, received the Award for the company with the most innovative solutions against climate change in the category of Business Sustainability. The company was distinguished for its desktop virtualization project (VDI) at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).
Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

The CEO of Virtual Cable, Félix Casado, collected the award with Mr. Luis Ricote Lázaro, Vice-rector for Internationalization at UPM. The gala was also attended by Ignacio Manterola and Sergio Garcia of Lanmedia, Virtual Cable’s Gold Partner in charge of designing and implementing the project.The award-winning solution has allowed UPM to improve its sustainability and achieve significant energy savings. Thanks to the execution of this VDI project, including the UDS Education software (the customized Virtual Cable solution for Education), technology from NetApp, Lenovo, and Proxmox, the UPM has considerably reduced its electricity consumption. The PCs in the computer rooms have been replaced by miniPCs, obtaining energy savings of 73.37%. Just counting 3,000 computers, a saving of around 176kWh is estimated.
Energy saving is just one of the aspects that UPM has managed to optimize thanks to desktop virtualization with UDS Education. It has also made progress in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Virtual Cable is fully committed to these causes, hence its adherence to the UN Global Compact and its efforts to develop technology that helps its clients to promote their commitment to the environment and society. Specifically, the Virtual Cable solution has allowed the university to boost the following SDGs:

  • SDG 4: QUALITY EDUCATION. UPM’s new VDI solution guarantees the university’s ability to continue offering quality education seamlessly in the face of any setback that prevents access to campus facilities. It also facilitates universal access to training programs, regardless of the type of device users have or the country they are in, favoring equal opportunities.
  • SDG 9: INDUSTRY, INNOVATION, AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Thanks to this VDI platform, UPM is reducing its carbon footprint since, in addition to reducing energy consumption, it has made it possible to limit hardware acquisition. It is also a sustainable and resilient infrastructure, prepared to take advantage of 5G, which according to experts, will be an essential technology to promote sustainability in the coming years.
  • SDG 12: RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION. In addition to ensuring greater energy efficiency, with Virtual Cable’s VDI solution, they have managed to extend the useful life of the university’s computer equipment. This technology also allows them to repurpose their hardware, favoring the circular economy and reducing the generation of technological waste.
  • SDG 13: ACTION FOR THE CLIMATE. 24×7 access from any place and device promotes distance education and remote working, which reduces the mobility of students and other groups at the university. As a consequence, CO2 emissions are limited by reducing user travel.

With the large-scale implementation of the Virtual Cable virtual desktop solution, the UPM has dramatically advanced its digital transformation process. They have delivered a versatile solution that provides students, teachers, administration and services staff with a very flexible tool to work and study 24×7 from any place and device, which was not feasible to date.

The VDI project of the UPM opts for other awards that also reward sustainability improvement. It is a finalist for the enerTIC Awards 2022. Voting is open until November 18. You can cast your vote at this link.



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