Virtual Cable finalist to @aslan Awards for Digital Transformation

by | Mar 29, 2022

The @aslan Association announced yesterday that the project of Virtual Cable in the City Council of El Ejido is a finalist in the “Digitalization of the workplace” category of the ASLAN Awards. These awards have rewarded for 13 years the efforts of companies and public bodies for the implementation of new technologies to improve citizen services, cost optimization and efficiency.

Our initiative “VDI Technology to Improve Services for Citizens, Promote Remote Working and Sustainability,” carried out hand in hand with our partner Lanmedia, has been selected through an open and transparent process. The companies associated with @aslan and the Commission for relations with Public Administrations have participated with their votes. From now on, voting is open for registered users on the association’s website at this link. The winning projects will be announced at the Award Ceremony on May 18, within the Congress #ASLAN2022framework.

The digital transformation that we have led in the town of Almería has meant a technological revolution for the town hall, its employees, and the inhabitants themselves. Through desktop virtualization with our UDS Enterprise software, we have managed to modernize the municipal electronic processing systems and enabled the remote working for hundreds of civil servants. In addition, we have equipped these same workers with the most appropriate tools for deploying SMART CITIES solutions in record time.

This project has not only improved the productivity of the city council’s administrative staff; it is helping to make the use of devices more flexible in customer service positions, as is the case of the Local Police or the library service. In addition, the implementation of UDS Enterprise has drastically reduced the times for implementing new workstations and fixing issues, and has increased sustainability and energy efficiency.

We are specialists in the digital transformation of the workplace and technological modernization of public bodies. We develop specific and customized VDI solutions for this sector, which provide great flexibility, scalability and adaptability to changes. We have a large number of case studies in Government for organizations as prominent as, for example, the Ontario Police (Canada), the University of Salamanca, the Jaén Provincial Council, the Autonomous University of Madrid, or the Benalmádena City Council.

We will continue to update our software to offer state-of-the-art, specialized solutions for every user group across all verticals.

You can vote for our candidacy here.

Thank you very much for your support!



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