Virtual Cable sponsors I OpenGnsys Conference

by | May 23, 2018

The University of Malaga will host on the 7th and 8th of June the I OpenGnsys Conference, where the objective is to exchange experiences of the use of the project whose name is given to the event.

VirtualCable is one of the sponsors of this technological event, in which, UDS Enterprise, the VDI connection broker that is developed and supported by this pioneering IT company, will take center stage. Note that the latest version of this software, UDS Enterprise 2.2, incorporates full support for OpenGnsys.

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On the first day of the event, one of the advanced practical workshops will focus on the Remote PC project. In this session, the attendees will learn about the configuration, operation, and the status of this initiative. In addition, the speakers will explain how to collaborate in this project, which, thanks to the integration of UDS Enterprise and OpenGnsys, allows to use the PCs of the university’s ICT laboratories so they can be accessed remotely outside school hours. In this way, students can use the software installed in the classrooms during the hours defined by the center’s IT team, from any place, and through any device.

One of the talks scheduled for Friday, June 8, also revolves around UDS Enterprise as the cornerstone of Remote PC. The project managers will give the keys to its development, which has been carried out jointly with VirtualCable. There will also be a demo in which its operation will be shown and the audiende will be able to check the benefits it brings both to the teaching staff and the students.

The program of the event is completed with many other interesting talks, workshops and use cases of OpenGnsys, which is articulated around themes such as the present and future of OpenGnsys, the simulation of the life cycle of the management of a computer room or the deployment on UEFI equipment.

OpenGnsys is a system based on free software that is used for the distribution, installation, and deployment of different operating systems. It allows the centralized management of ICT resources for Teaching and Research Support and is used today by more than 16 Spanish Universities.

All users and developers of the educational and business environments interested in the OpenGnsys project are invited to attend this event. More information and registration on the event website.



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