WiCom Networks, UDS Enterprise Gold Partner in Latin America

by | Feb 23, 2021

WiCom Networks, wholesaler of high-tech solutions in Latin America, has become UDS Enterprise Gold Partner. For months, this company had been official distributor of the popular software for virtualization of desktops, applications, and remote access to physical and virtual machines. After verifying the interest in this solution in the market where they operate, they have increased their commitment to Virtual Cable and have decided to obtain the highest level of partnership. "The priority of WiCom Networks is the satisfaction of its customers. We saw the need to increase the quality of the support that we provide regarding the installation, operation, and maintenance of UDS Enterprise", explains Elkin González, CTO of the company.

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The WiCom Networks team has received the thorough training given by UDS Enterprise experts to those business partners who want to provide the best service and technical support . As a UDS Enterprise Gold Partner, this firm has the certification that accredits its staff’s qualification to provide first level support, personalized advice, help clients design the infrastructure that best suits their needs, and optimize their settings for the highest performance.

The knowledge acquired is key to closing opportunities with UDS Enterprise. “We are already implementing the solution in several Colombian Universities, and we also have several active PoCs in different clients from different verticals,” says González. “The Latin American market has been very exposed to traditional VDI and vApp solutions, which have high licensing costs imposed by the same hypervisor solutions manufacturers. This is why the need to provide new tools that facilitate, among other aspects, remote working and virtual education to maximize the country’s economic growth. UDS Enterprise is the most suitable solution due to its interoperability and flexibility, its clearly defined costs, adjusted to local conditions and even with specific prices for educational organizations”, he adds.

The WiCom Networks commercial team began the search for a solution that would allow them to help all organizations that are facing the challenges caused by Covid-19. This is how they got to know UDS Enterprise. “We explored the different options knowing that we wanted a software that stood out for its simplicity, compatibility with third-party solutions, and high flexibility. UDS Enterprise offers full interoperability with multiple hypervisor solutions. It guarantees high-performance cross-platform connections and serves to allow remote access to physical machines, enabling intelligent reuse of existing hardware at the end customer’s offices. In addition, it is backed by an excellent support service and the continuity of the product is assured.”

WiCom Networks is a firm recognized for representing only leading brands in their technological application field. They listen to their customers, always thinking of maximizing their satisfaction and accompanying them until they achieve fundamental premises such as productivity, efficiency, increased profitability, and optimization of resources for making the right decisions. “The needs that have emerged with the pandemic are here to stay, and UDS Enterprise is the option to choose. And we have not only verified it. Both our clients and our integrator channels perceive the advantages of the implementation of this solution. We have excellent sales prospects for the coming years”, concludes Elkin González.

If you want to know how to become an official distributor of UDS Enterprise VDI, contact our commercial department at [email protected]



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