Autelcom, new UDS Enterprise Certified Partner in Ecuador

by | Nov 19, 2018

UDS Enterprise has a new Certified Partner: Autelcom , the leading networking and telecommunications solutions integrator in Ecuador. This company was looking for the best solution to introduce the virtualization of desktops and applications in the Ecuadorian market and thus help companies and organizations to optimize their technological and financial resources. They decided to trust the UDS Enterprise connection broker "for its interoperability, flexibility and scalability", explained Jose Luis Chauca, Field Engineer at Autelcom. "This VDI broker allows you to work without problems on any virtualization platform, hypervisor, authenticator and connection protocol; this independence from the manufacturer allows us to be impartial and objective in order to recommend the most appropriate solution to each project", he added.

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Another of the key points when choosing to incorporate this solution into their portfolio was “the personalized support service provided by the UDS Enterprise team. They are close, agile and efficient professionals, who provide solutions tailored to each specific issue”, said Chauca. “The simplicity of implementation, the ability to automatically manage the life cycle of virtualized resources and its Open Source base were also turning points when choosing this technology to offer VDI & vApp to our customers”, indicated the Field Engineer.The success of UDS Enterprise in the Ecuadorian market was not long in coming. Autelcom has already made its first desktop and application virtualization installation with this connection broker. “Thanks to UDS Enterprise Free Edition trial version, University of Cuenca implemented the software on its own virtualization platform and cloud check first-hand that UDS Enterprise is a robust and scalable solution, perfect for deploying virtual desktops and applications“, said Chauca. “After evaluating all its functionalities and verifying that it is supported by numerous case studies worldwide, they did not hesitate to trust this connection broker”, he said.
UDS Enterprise has proven to have a great potential in the educational sector and that’s why it is Autelcom’s “main focus, together with other sectors, such as public services. We have already opened new opportunities that we hope to be closed soon”, said the Autelcom expert.

As a Certified Partner, this company has qualified staff in UDS Enterprise in both technical and sales area , which means “a clear added value when positioning, recommending and installing the solution”, he stated. In addition, this level of partnership has given them access to other advantages, such as superior discounts, protection of opportunities against Authorized Partners or an NFR subscription including support. “Joining the Certified Partners program was the best way to show our commitment to both UDS Enterprise and end customers, it is undoubtedly regarded as a warranty and reliability seal”, concluded Chauca.



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