Free UDS Enterprise NFR subscription for Certified Partners

by | Mar 13, 2018

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UDS Enterprise Certified Partners will have a totally free of charge UDS Enterprise NFR (Not For Resale) subscription of 50 users. It will be valid for one year and can be renewed annually by requesting a new serial. Like any other subscription, it will incorporate NBD 8x5 support via email.

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In this way, Certified Partners can deploy their own desktop and application virtualization solution with UDS Enterprise in their own laboratory to show it to their clients and perform all the necessary tests to become familiar with all the configurations and functionalities of the software.With this new advantage for Certified Partners, the UDS Enterprise team wants to reward and recognize the commitment of its business partners who decide to go one step further and attend the Technical and Sales trainings necessary to obtain the certification. These training courses allow you to acquire a much broader knowledge of the UDS VDI connection broker. Sales specialists learn the keys to better position the software in the market, while technicians achieve greater technical independence, which allows them to offer a fast and efficient support service to their customers.

All UDS Enterprise Certified Partners interesting in obtaining a free UDS Enterprise NFR subscription can request it writing an email to [email protected].



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