Grupo Solutia becomes a Gold Partner of UDS Enterprise

by | Aug 9, 2021

The vocation to offer innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies defines the idiosyncrasy of Grupo Solutia. One of its main guidelines is to grow according to market trends. “Remote working has come to stay, at least in a much larger percentage than in pre-pandemic times. So we want to be prepared for the provision of remote access solutions that adapt to the needs and budgets of our clients,” says Javier Rodríguez Berenguer, Systems Engineer at this organization. To meet these needs with efficiency and flexibility, they have decided to incorporate UDS Enterprise to their portfolio and join the Gold Partners channel.

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In this company, they already knew first-hand the advantages and functionalities of the popular broker for desktop virtualization, virtual apps, and remote access to devices. “I have had the opportunity to be a customer of Virtual Cable, to test their solution and take it to production in a very demanding environment, publishing applications based on SAP (Sapgui) and Windows 10 and Windows 7 virtual desktops”, explains Rodríguez. “For this reason, we are certain that it adjusts to an endless number of complex and simple remote access scenarios: virtual applications, access to desktops, to servers … One of its differential values ??is that it allows many companies embarking on this type of projects covering their real needs and at a bearable cost. With UDS Enterprise, we propose an affordable and valuable tool, without giving up top technical features offered by the solutions of the big manufacturers.”Grupo Solutia’s commitment to providing tailor-made services, with personal and specialized attention by professionals in constant training, encouraged them to opt for the highest level of partnership as UDS Enterprise distributors. “We already have clients with production environments with this VDI software. So we consider it essential to offer them solutions for new implementations and renovation of infrastructures with the experience we have obtained thanks to the technical training given by the UDS Enterprise team. The Gold Partner program allows us to provide, in addition to the product, value-added services and first-rate support,” says the Systems Engineer. One of the clients that are already enjoying the expertise of the Grupo Solutia team is the Andalusian Employment Service of the Junta de Andalucía.Public administration is one of the verticals in which UDS Enterprise has been very successful for many years. But its versatility makes it an ideal solution to simplify the IT management of organizations of all types and sizes, regardless of their sector. “We are recommending the adoption of this software in all scenarios in which the client gives us the freedom to choose the solution to implement,” states Rodríguez.

The professionals of the Solutia Group have detected that the solution developed by Virtual Cable offers them “a great business opportunity and the possibility of being able to help more clients, especially those who need quality alternatives to the products from other manufacturers. Furthermore, it allows us to follow our philosophy of maintaining growth in line with market expectations and movements, offering an innovative and avant-garde response to the technological challenges of companies,” concludes the Systems Engineer.

Currently, Grupo Solutia is working proactively on various projects and generating new business opportunities with UDS Enterprise.

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