ID Grup joins the UDS Enterprise Gold Partner channel

by | Oct 27, 2020

ID Grup trusts UDS Enterprise to provide its clients with secure remote working solutions. From the first moment, they have had a full commitment to this technology. Good proof of this is that they have opted for the highest level of partnership. “We wanted to access the best possible training and be able to offer first-level support. Thanks to our adherence to the UDS Enterprise Gold Partners channel we have a highly qualified technical team to advise and implement the solution with absolute guarantee,” says Sergi Aguilar, ID Grup's Chief Operating Officer (COO).

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“We needed a connection broker that had a quick installation, with very simple administration and usability. We opted for UDS Enterprise because, in addition to meeting these requirements, it has multiplatform support, which allows configuring several hypervisor platforms and several authenticators for users at the same time. Its Open Source base, which enables the customization of the tool and its easy integration with third-party software also had a great influence in our decision,” explains Aguilar.ID Grup experts are very clear about the benefits that UDS Enterprise brings to their customers compared to other VDI solutions. “The minimal initial investment thanks to its annual subscriptions system, its capabilities to automate the life cycle of resources, its great flexibility and scalability, allowing access from any client device and operating system are powerful arguments when it comes to positioning UDS Enterprise in projects that require a solution of this type,” indicates the COO.
This company is already checking the great acceptance that UDS Enterprise has in organizations of all types and sizes. “Our clients highlight the ease and simplicity with which virtual desktops are deployed and managed, the great customization possibilities of the tool and its cost-effectiveness compared to other solutions,” states Aguilar.

ID Grup recommends UDS Enterprise “to all those companies that need to solve the problem of remote working in an agile and secure way through the virtualization of desktops and applications, or providing access from any place and device to office computers. It is especially advantageous for those organizations with a high number of remote users, due to its flat rate from 350 users. In companies with multicloud environments, UDS Enterprise also fits perfectly,” assures the COO.

This firm is aware that the trend of remote working is going to continue to grow, and its own experience confirms that more and more companies are opting for this type of solutions. “Our forecast for the coming months is an increase in VDI projects, where UDS Enterprise is one of our greatest allies,” Aguilar concludes.

If you are interested in taking advantage of including UDS Enterprise in your solutions portfolio, contact our sales department at [email protected]



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