Linkcom, UDS Enterprise Certified Partner in Portugal

by | May 10, 2018

The managed infrastructure servide provider Linkcom has recently joined UDS Enterprise Certified Partner ecosystem. This company is striving to become “a reference and an expertise partner on VDI solutions in Portugal”, said Paulo Couceiro, Senior System Engineer at Linkcom. To achieve this crucial goal they decided to add the VDI & vApp connection broker UDS Enterprise to their offer portfolio.

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After reviewing the different virtual desktop solutions in the market they chose UDS Enterprise due to its “ability to use multiple hypervisors simultaneously, including Open Source platforms, as well as support for virtual desktops running both Windows and Linux”, explained Couceiro. In addition to these differentiating points, “deployment simplicity was also a must when it came to evaluate UDS Enterprise as candidate to enter our solutions offer”, noted the Senior System Engineer.From the very beginning the Certified Partner Program was a logical choice for this company, since “Linkcom always tries to have as much technical expertise and competencies as possible on the solutions it designs and proposes. This assures a high quality level throughout all the business lifecycle, starting from the presale phase until the postsale technical support”, commented Couceiro. The technical workshops taught by UDS Enterprise experts have helped them to obtain an in-depth knowledge on the software to guarantee the best support for their customers.As UDS Enterprise Certified Partners they have also attended the sales workshops that have allowed them to position the connection broker with highest precision. The Senior System Engineer stated that “due to its flexibility and low acquisition cost, we consider large Education institutions to be the preferred target for UDS Enterprise. Nevertheless, every company aiming to deploy a VDI infrastructure will benefit from all UDS Enterprise has to offer”.

Linkcom is already enjoying the advantages of partnering with UDS Enterprise. “We have a couple of universities evaluating this software for global VDI adoption. This solution has proven to be innovative and able to add value to our customers”, said Couceiro.

Linkcom is a managed infrastructure service provider. With solutions focused in productivity and reliability, either on premises or in the cloud. Also provides managed services with certified technicians in different technologies, using methodologies and consulting services to architect the best technical solution and the most efficient regarding costs.



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