Quer System, new UDS Enterprise Certified Partner

by | May 12, 2017

Quer System has become a new UDS Enterprise Certified Partner. This company dedicated to IT Systems Consulting had joined UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker to its portfolio a few months ago, and its growing commitment to this software has led them to move from Authorized to Certified Partner.

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Both the technical and the sales team of the company have received the necessary training to obtain a much more complete knowledge of the solution and thus be able to position it better and offer a higher quality support to their customers. “The specialization on the solutions we work with is the best way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, provide value and also satisfy the needs of our customers,” explains Ángel Sánchez, Quer System’s End User Computing Manager.

When they decided to integrate desktop virtualization into their business solutions, among all the options available in the market, they opted for UDS Enterprise because “in addition to having the same technical features as the most recognized solutions on the market, it needs much less investment of time to perform an implementation from the beginning to the end, and it has 60% less cost thanks to its model of commercialization through subscriptions”, comments Sánchez.

The Open Source nature of the software also fits perfectly with the philosophy of this firm. “We feel very comfortable with this type of solutions because of the great value they bring to the business environment,” says the End User Computing Manager, who also highlights other features of the software that is “very easy to implement, manage and maintain, and that is an agnostic solution, compatible with all the hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols in the market“.

The ability to deploy and manage Windows and Linux virtual desktops, virtual applications and other remote desktop services “make UDS Enterprise a very competitive solution that virtually fits into any desktop virtualization project,” says Sánchez.

In addition to the quality of the software, Quer System also highlights “the efforts being made by the team behind UDS Enterprise, who turn to provide value and help increase the business of its partners,” concludes Ángel Sanchez.



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